Last December, my colleague Matt Vespa took on Washington Post EcoLOGIC columnist Brian Palmer for his attack on Christmas tree farms. One year later and Palmer is still a grinch, this time lecturing readers about the virtues of eschewing incandescent Christmas lights for LED bulbs. 

But not only did Palmer preach the merits of energy -- and money-saving -- LED bulbs, he also crunched the numbers and wrung his hands about the detrimental effects on Mother Nature of, wait for it, strands of popcorn strung around the ol' Tannenbaum  (emphasis mine):

Most folks dream of a white Christmas. No one, not even Elvis fans, want a blue one. But the Washington Post's Brian Palmer is fixated on how you can have a green one. Spoiler alert: He doesn't think trekking out to the local tree farm to fell your own tree is the way to go.

"Do you deserve a lump of carbon under your Christmas tree?" Palmer asked in his December 11 EcoLogic column. Apparently, the issue of tree farms during this holiday season is a point of contention within the environmentalist community.  Yes, the greenies can't give it a rest, not even for the holiday season.

Does the hectoring of the leftist green movement know no bounds?

Apparently your stick of Juicy Fruit is a menace to the Earth now.

In his "The Green Lantern" column yesterday, the Washington Post's Brian Palmer took a look at how un-green chewing gum is.