CNN's New Day apparently can't get enough of "enhancing" footage of a triumphant Hillary Clinton at her Tuesday victory rally, as the newscast on Thursday gave the video of the Democratic presidential candidate a sparkle/shimmer effect, while darkening the cheering crowd in the background. This modified video excerpt aired a day after the program gave Mrs. Clinton a "golden god" glow using the same clip.

An invitation to a fancy state dinner at the White House clearly isn’t seen as an obvious sign that a journalist is “in the tank” for President Obama. Friday night’s state dinner for the presidents of five Nordic countries drew two nightly-news anchors – David Muir of ABC and Lester Holt of NBC – three, if you count Fox Special Report anchor Bret Baier.

Muir and ABC News vice president Robin Sproul were probably hoping the Obamas were too polite to notice that just last year, Muir editorialized that an “elegant state dinner” went forward while Baltimore was shut down over rioting!

CNN's Athena Jones spotlighted the latest pro-gun control headline on the New York Daily News's front page during Wednesday's New Day. Jones, who was following Jeb Bush's campaign, noted that the former Florida governor was "getting some attention for a tweeted photo of a handgun engraved with his name. The caption: 'America.' The New York Daily News having some fun with that picture, with the headline, 'Dolt .45;' and the caption, 'Desperate Jeb Bush gets ripped for tweet suggesting guns are America.'"

Wednesday's New Day on CNN played up First Lady Michelle Obama "taking on House Republicans" because of a proposal to allow school districts to delay potentially expensive efforts to improve school lunch nutrition.

Two plugs forwarded the Obama anti-Republican spin, with the first suggesting that the GOP plan "could make your kids sick," and the second plug asking if Republicans are "playing politics with the health of school kids."

At 6:12 a.m., CNN co-anchor Chris Cuomo provocatively teased:

CNN gave a prime exhibition of lazy journalism on Friday's The Situation Room when it touted Obama's "victory lap" because of "new ObamaCare enrollment numbers" without fact-checking to see if his optimism is warranted.

"President Obama is taking something of a victory lap I guess you could say," reported host Brianna Keilar. "At a meeting with House Democrats he praised his party for sticking it out on the debt ceiling fight and touted his administration's new ObamaCare enrollment numbers."

CNN once again hyped a Texas legislator's stand against a pro-life bill, this time highlighting the "very personal war of words" between the "rising star" and Republican Governor Rick Perry.

"Cheered on by supporters, the mother of two and her now-famous pink shoes filibustered her way onto the world stage this week," touted correspondent Athena Jones who anointed Senator Wendy Davis a "rising star in the state's Democratic Party."

Latest evidence of the MSM/Obama mind-meld . . .

Reporting on the prospects of an ObamaCare bill coming up for a Senate committee vote, NBC's Athena Jones told Tamron Hall during MSNBC's 4 PM hour today: "It looks like it's going to work out fine to pass tomorrow."

UPDATE: 11-13 9:35 AM: Did Hillary answer a second planted question at the event? See foot.

What did Hillary Clinton know about the planted question in Iowa and when did she know it?

The Clinton campaign and apparently Clinton herself are denying she had any idea she was calling on a plant. But according to information in the New York Times, Clinton campaign aides had in fact prompted her to call on the plant.

At 10:51 AM ET this morning, MSNBC anchor Tamron Hall interviewed Hillary campaign co-chair Tom Vilsack, the former Dem governor of Iowa.

TAMRON HALL: Senator Clinton herself said she knew nothing about this and promised it would not happen again . . .

TOM VILSACK: Obviously Hillary Clinton does not condone the planting of questions; she did not know that this young person had been given that question.

View video here.

Vilsack elaborated on his answer later in the interview.