The media's censoring of the Kermit Gosnell murder trial is appalling.  But why, exactly, are reporters failing to cover the Philadelphia abortionist's trial? Mollie Hemingway of the Patheos blog Get Religion thought she'd ask Washington Post staff writer Sarah Kliff, who responded via Twitter that she isn’t writing about it because she “cover[s] policy for the Washington Post, not local crime."

That, of course, is a patently ludicrous excuse.  In an April 12 blog post, Hemingway aptly noted that local crimes are often used to give context to a larger issue in public policy.  The Trayvon Martin shooting sparked a debate about Stand Your Ground Laws.  The murder of Matthew Shepard launched a debate around hate crimes, and awareness of bigotry against gays.  And as for the most recent case of a local crime story gone national, a day after the Newtown shooting, Kliff penned a piece asking, “What would ‘meaningful action’ on gun control look like?” The bottom line is that the Gosnell trial illustrates just how poorly regulated many inner-city abortion clinics are and how that lack of regulation can allow horror stories like Gosnell to happen.

The mother who live tweeted her abortion earlier this year, Angie Jackson, has had her 15 minutes of fame extended, making #6 on Time Magazine's Top 10 Tweets for 2010.

Seems to me Time used the most unflattering screen shot of Jackson it could find from her announcement video, and it also painted an unpleasant portrait of her overall. Read Time's blurb on Jackson after the jump....


angie jackson on video.png

By the time I wrote "Live Tweeting Abortion, Part X" as well as two columns (here and here), I was sicker of Angie Jackson than anyone, and I know many of you were plenty sick of her. I felt personally responsible for giving Angie 5 of her 15 minutes of fame.

There were still a few who kept tabs on Angie after that, even though I stopped. They let me know when she tweeted on March 13 that she locks her 4-year-old in his bedroom and on March 23 that she is still married to one guy (the father of her born child) while shacking up with another (the father of her aborted child).

Messed up, but we knew that.

Now, though, Angie's tweets warrant one more post.

[Update, 10:48 pm Eastern: Audio & video clips added.]

On Monday's Newsroom, CNN's Kyra Phillips sympathetically interviewed a woman who unapologetically Tweeted her chemically-induced abortion as it happened. Instead of offering the pro-life viewpoint, Phillips lamented how her guest received "e-mails and the responses [which] were so brutal." The anchor later admitted that she "didn't want to get into a debate about abortion" [audio clip available here].

During the interview, Phillips tossed softball questions at blogger Angie Jackson, who is known on Twitter as "antitheistangie," or "Angie the Anti-Theist" on her blog (Phillips didn't mention her guest's political or philosophical outlook during the entire segment). After playing a clip of Jackson from, Phillips first asked, "So, Angie- you know, did it take a while to come to a comfort zone, that you wanted to do this? Tell me how you eventually decided, this is how I'm going to do it and I'm going to let everybody see it happen."