Appearing as a guest on MSNBC Live on Saturday morning, MSNBC contributor and Daily Beast world news editor Christopher Dickey blamed the recent exchange of fire between Israel and Iran on Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu believing that he has been given a "license to kill" by Trump pulling out of the Iran deal. Not mentioned was that it was the Iranian military that fired first from Syria and provoked the Israeli counterattack.

One has to wonder if working for the Washington Post fits the Obama definition of a "shovel-ready" job given the paper's penchant for burying the lede.

Deep within his July 9-filed story "Protesters Clash With Police in Iran," Washington Post Foreign Service correspondent Thomas Erdbrink noted a very interesting development  bearing implications on the Obama administration's foreign policy regarding Iran and handling of the global war on terror.

The last six paragraphs of Erdbrink's 18-paragraph story -- which ran in the July 10 print edition on page A12 -- note how the theocratic regime in Tehran praised the Obama administration for its relative silence on the Iranian election aftermath just one day before the U.S. government released Iranian detainees captured two years ago in Iraq (emphasis mine):