Featured on NewsBusters from 2008 through May of 2016, NewsBusted provided a once or twice a week conservative comedic video take on the latest news and media bias.

"According to a new poll, 64 percent of Democrats say they are NOT excited by Hillary Clinton.  These voters are known as 'Bill Clinton Democrats.'" -- Jodi Miller, anchor of NewsBusted.

"TV Land has pulled The Dukes of Hazzard amid the uproar over the Confederate flag. And in a show of solidarity, Caitlyn Jenner is now refusing to wear her Daisy Dukes." --   NewsBusted anchor Jodi Miller.

"The U.S. Supreme Court has overturned state bans on same sex marriage. But there is still positive news for conservatives. Now that gender is irrelevant, there's no reason to vote for Hillary." – NewsBusted anchor Jodi Miller

"Brian Williams has been transferred to MSNBC. He’ll be paid $10 million a year -- which amounts to about a million dollars per viewer." -- NewsBusted anchor Jodi Miller.

"According to a new study, chimpanzees may have the ability to cook.  Which is more bad news for fast-food workers demanding 15 dollars an hour!" -- NewsBusted anchor Jodi Miller

"It’s been reported that President Obama considers himself the closest thing to a Jew that has ever sat in the Oval Office. As a result, the President’s close friend, Al Sharpton, is now giving him the cold shoulder." -- NewsBusted anchor Jodi Miller.

"In April, MSNBC had its lowest ratings in 10 years. To give you an idea how bad it is, the network is changing its slogan from 'Lean Forward' to 'Spiral Downward.'" -- NewsBusted host Jodi Miller.

"Hillary Clinton is considering granting an interview to ABC’s George Stephanopoulos.  The announcement came from her campaign spokesman: ABC’s George Stephanopoulos." -- NewsBusted host Jodi Miller

"Hillary Clinton will soon separate herself from Republicans, traditionally thought of as the party of the old and rich.  She plans to do this by lying about her age, and her income." -- NewsBusted anchor Jodi Miller

"Politico reports there is a stunning lack of enthusiasm for Hillary Clinton in Hollywood.  It seems celebrities have finally realized that Hillary is as phony as they are." -- NewsBusted anchor Jodi Miller.

"In the lead up to the 2016 presidential election, CNN has hired 40 new political reporters.  So CNN now officially has more political reporters than viewers." -- NewsBusted anchor Jodi Miller

"Hillary Clinton recently said all her grandparents were immigrants, but records show only one came to America as a child.  Sadly, none of Hillary’s grandparents lived to see what a magnificent liar she has become." -- Jodi Miller, NewsBusted.