It is no secret that high levels of immigration are crucial to the long-term survival of Univision. Accordingly, the network’s position requires the scuttling of potential compromises that could potentially constitute less than “the whole enchilada” when it comes to securing a massive amnesty for millions of people currently unlawfully present in the country. The current battle over the future of DACA is indicative of the approach of America's leading Spanish-language media platform.

During Tuesday’s White House briefing, Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders cited the latest Media Research Center study showing that the Trump coverage on the major broadcast network evening newscasts was 90 percent negative toward the President. Sanders was being openly lobbied by NBC's Kristen Welker to accept a congressional investigation into sexual misconduct allegations against the President when the White House official began noting the media’s refusal to cover policy issues. 

If the meltdowns by CNN personalities inside Monday’s tense White House press briefing weren’t crazy enough, the reactions on CNN Newsroom were close as host Brooke Baldwin and CNN Politics editor-at-large Chris Cillizza admitted that Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders made them “angry” as she called out the media’s liberal bias.

Luis Gutiérrez, the retiring Chicagoland congressman who earlier this year compared convicted FALN terrorist Oscar López Rivera to George Washington and who in 2015 dismissed Kate Steinle’s tragic death as “a little thing”, appeared on Univision to discuss a potential 2020 presidential candidacy.

Monday’s White House press briefing was another one for the ages as CNN’s self-righteous senior White House correspondent Jim Acosta came ready to rumble against press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders, but quickly ran into the proverbial buzzsaw during a debate on liberal media bias.  Acosta fetched plenty of support as journalists could be heard shouting throughout the exchange in efforts to heckle Sanders (led by CNN political analyst Brian Karem).

MSNBC suffered a meltdown for the ages on Wednesday afternoon following President Trump’s speech recognizing of Jerusalem as the Israeli capital, unleashing guest after guest condemning the “delusional” and “Orwellian” speech that will cause people to die now that America’s credibility has been “shot.”

San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulín Cruz, the liberal media’s newest darling, sat down with Stephen Colbert during her latest national media tour. And in the process, she led Colbert into spreading some fake news - namely, an “ïconic” image that turns out to have been staged, and that has a wholly different story behind it that to date has gone unacknowledged by the media.

On Friday’s World News Tonight, ABC chief investigative correspondent Brian Ross issued an embarrassing correction to a bombshell scoop he offered hours earlier about former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn, revealing that Flynn was told by President-elect Trump and not candidate Trump to reach out to Russian officials.

El semanario dominical Al Punto de Univision, presentado por Jorge Ramos, es un conocido oponente del derecho al porte individual de armas de fuego, y se ha dado a la tarea de diseminar puntos para socavar ese derecho fundamental. Un segmento reciente sugiere que el programa podría estar tomando una nueva estrategia: activismo antiarmas solapado con comedia y canción.

Univision’s Sunday talker Al Punto, hosted by Jorge Ramos, is a known disseminator of gun control tropes and talking points, which are clearly aimed at eroding the rights of lawful gun owners. A recent segment suggests that the show might be taking a new approach: anti-gun activism under the guise of comedy and song.

Como ya saben, el presidente Donald Trump se refirió a la senadora Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) como “Pocahontas” en un evento de la Casa Blanca en el que se honró a los heróicos “code Talkers” Navajo de la Segunda Guerra Mundial. Pero el noticiero nacional de Univision, al igual que los demás medios, omitieron la parte más importante de la cobertura del revuelo más reciente sobre el apodo con el cual el presidente se refiere a una posible oponente demócrata en el 2020.

Luis Gutiérrez, el congresista por Illinois que en una ocasión comparó al terrorista convicto de las FALN Oscar López Rivera con George Washington y quien describió el asesinato de Kate Steinle por un indocumentado como “una cosa pequeña”, ha anunciado su retiro del Congreso de los Estados Unidos.