In a recent piece on Amazon’s “Day One” blog, Amazon detailed some of the “[n]ew ways Alexa makes life simpler and more convenient” and “your home smarter and safer” all the while keeping your “family and friends connected, and bring[ing] your favorite entertainment to  you, wherever  you are.”

Strange political times make for unexpected allies as Democratic primary candidates defend Trump’s right to have a platform on Twitter. Democratic presidential nominee rivals Rep. Tulsi Gabbard of Hawaii and Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts rejected comments by Democratic presidential candidate Kamala Harris (D-CA) calling for Trump to be suspended from Twitter.

The massive search engine monopoly that is Google is now defending small businesses and it did so on Fox Business. That raises an interesting question: Do conservatives suddenly look more appealing to Big Tech in the face of regulatory statements by Democrat candidate Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA).

One of the news social media apps is copying the strategies of big name sites — censorship. TikTok, a wildly popular app that is managed by a sinister moderation system, is censoring posts about President Donald Trump, Christianity and the LGBT community, according to leaks sent to The Guardian.

So much for the Declaration of Independence? The top court in the European Union ruled that Facebook, an American company, must delete content globally if a European court deems it defamatory. As the Court of Justice of the European Union press release wrote, “EU law does not preclude a host provider such as Facebook from being ordered to remove identical and, in certain circumstances, equivalent comments previously declared to be illegal.”

President Trump’s sense of humor has been limited by good old-fashioned copyright claims. After the president tweeted a video with a clip from Nickelback’s music video, “Photograph,” the meme was removed promptly.

Facebook is once more attempting to be seen as neutral, with a new decision about fact-checking. And the left isn’t happy about it. The social media giant will no longer fact-check opinion pieces and satire on its platform, according to the Wall Street Journal.

“The free press that the founders envisioned looked a lot more like” Reddit. It didn’t look like New York Times writers who misrepresent basic tenets of free speech and demand censorship to protect their friends from “online harassment.” So said Donald Trump Jr. en route to arguing “the greatest threat to free speech and our democracy today is not the government, but the technology giants that deplatform people at the behest of liberals and then justify the action as ‘combating hate’ and making the internet somehow safer.”

The Democratic candidates running for the nomination in 2020 are ready to impeach President Trump. It starts with his Twitter account. On Anderson Cooper 360 on CNN, Senator and Democratic candidate Kamala Harris (D-CA) told host Anderson Cooper that President Trump should be “suspended” from Twitter.

While the liberal media indulges in a mass panic over a Trump tweet that quoted a pastor speaking about civil war, Silicon Valley is demanding practical action. Former Reddit CEO Ellen Pao has been lobbying for Twitter to suspend the president’s account for two years.

Are there Coulrophobes at YouTube? Big Tech’s fear of clowns appears to be no laughing matter. A YouTuber known as the Video Lexicographer released an installment of his “Video Dictionary,” a channel where “we explore the language and the words we use every day.”

Celebrities that once called for Trump to be dead are now calling for Trump to be banned from Twitter. The director of Avengers, Firefly, and Buffy the Vampire Slayer has called for the next step in the impeachment battle: banning President Trump from Twitter. Joss Whedon retweeted a Twitter thread so fantastic it wouldn’t make it as Buffy script. In it, aTwitter user asserted that “civil war” was the clear “promise of MAGA.”