On Monday, Late Night host Seth Meyers devoted 4 minutes of his broadcast to smearing 19 potential Republican presidential candidates who spoke at a New Hampshire Republican Party gathering over the weekend. 

In a preview of the 2016 campaign, all five late night comics on Monday night mocked Ted Cruz, hitting the Republican as anti-immigrant, regressive and stupid. CBS host David Letterman didn't bother with a joke. Instead, he lectured, "Here's what I find interesting about Ted Cruz, he was born in Canada. His father fled to the United States from Cuba. Yet, Ted Cruz is against immigration. Isn't that odd?" 

Over at Hot Air, I saw that Seth Meyers, as he was figuratively grilling Texas Senator Ted Cruz on his "Late Night" program — the first rule of these shows is that conservatives get attacked, while liberals get coddled — made his case for global warming by saying, “I think the world’s on fire literally.” I checked outside just a moment ago and "literally" saw no burning bushes or other burning objects, so I can say that Meyers, at least in regards to this small corner of the world, is "literally" wrong. In the language of Politifact, the leftist pretend-fact check site, he has his "pants (figuratively) on fire."

One would think that a fact-checking web site would have gone after Meyers for his out-of-control hyperbole. Not a chance.

Bill Donahue of the Catholic League ripped NBC host Seth Meyers for his mocking of the Catholic sacrament of the Eucharist on the early Tuesday edition of Late Night. During his monologue, Meyers spotlighted a church in Seattle filing a lawsuit against a neighboring facility that sells legal marijuana, and pretended to be a priest who was high on the drug and started snacking on communion wafers.

Like every other group of Democratic boot-lickers, NBC stars are moving the eye of their adoration from Obama to the next alleged president, Hillary Clinton. The Washington Post reported Tuesday that NBC late-night star Seth Meyers hosted the opening of the annual Clinton Global Initiative on Sunday night.

“President Clinton is here! And so is Bill!” Meyers joked after Hillary opened the glitzy awards banquet. “Bill grinned and applauded from the audience,” reported the Post.

Need an icebreaker? Try a Catholic joke – works every time (at least for those late night comedians). 

Adding to the barrage of late night Catholic “humor,” Comedian Seth Meyers joked that Catholics are “creepy perverts” after a reference to “Fifty Shades of Grey.” The jest aired during his “Late Night with Seth Meyers” on August 6. Video Below. 

Talking to Megyn Kelly on Thursday's NBC Late Night, host Seth Meyers touted how the Fox News anchor had recently "sort of grilled" former Vice President Dick Cheney and "called him to task for...the things he was wrong about with Iraq." Meyers worried: "...was that terrifying? Is it terrifying to call out Dick Cheney?" [Listen to the audio or watch the video after the jump]

Kelly dismissed the notion: "Not at all, no....You know, that is what I do for a living." She went on to recall: "...[Dick Cheney], Liz Cheney, and Lynne Cheney went on a Politico round table afterwards and Mike Allen said, 'Oh, you know, Megyn Kelly of Fox News, no enemy to you, called you out in this fashion.' And Mrs. Cheney said, 'Of course she did.' She said that is what journalists are expected to do."

The week of July 13 to 19 saw increased violence between Israel and the Palestinians, an act of terror as a plane was blown out of the sky in Ukraine, and simmering tensions between Mexico and the United States over a border crisis. With that as a backdrop, the networks skipped White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest's July 14 claim that Barack Obama has "improved the tranquility of the global community." 

The journalists at NBC, CBS and ABC, so far, have ignored the remark, offering no skepticism. NBC viewers wouldn't have known about the comment if they watched last week's Nightly News or Today. Yet, if they stayed up to 12:37am on July 16, they would have seen Late Night host Seth Meyers mock, "Yesterday, White House Press Secretary said that President Obama has brought tranquility to the global community. And that's good, Josh. You should always open with a joke." [See below for video of Earnest's original comment and Meyers's joke. MP3 audio here.]

  On Wednesday's New Day on CNN, co-anchor Chris Cuomo mocked President Obama at the end of the show's regular "Inside Politics" segment after a clip of NBC comedian Seth Meyers making a joke about Obama trading Taliban prisoners for coffee at Starbucks.

Alluding to an upcoming interview with California Democratic Rep. Adam Schiff that calls into question whether the released Taliban prisoners really will be watched closely as they reside in Qatar, the CNN co-host took a surprising jab at President Obama. Cuomo:

[Warning: Vulgarity ahead.] Dennis Miller has a response for those liberals who think this country is full of people who can't better their lives with new jobs: America "is built on busting your a**." Late Night host Seth Meyers on Tuesday night hosted his fellow Saturday Night Live alum. The radio host and comic was promoting his new stand up act, “America 180.”

Meyers asked Dennis Miller to explain a little bit about the theme of  his “America 180" act. The comedian explained that he grew skeptical when he heard Nancy Pelosi use the term “job lock," the idea of someone being stuck in a job simply for the benefits. According to Pelosi, that isn’t fair. She thinks people should be able to "free themselves" from this problem.

Newly minted NBC late night host Seth Meyers took a cheap shot at members of Congress on the Friday March 14th edition of “Late Night with Seth Meyers.”

During an interview with “Cosmos” presenter Neil deGrasse Tyson, Meyers laughed at his guest who argued that those that “don’t know science in the 21st century” should “just move back to the cave because that’s where we are going to leave you as we move forward.” [See video below.]

MSNBC’s primetime darling Rachel Maddow has an obsession with attacking conservatives, especially if they are associated with the presidency of George W. Bush. Whether it’s using her nightly program or her appearances across the NBC platform, Maddow seems to never miss an opportunity to attack former Bush officials.

Appearing as a guest on the company's Late Night w/ Seth Meyers on Tuesday March 12 for some much needed free publicity, Maddow, who recently had a cameo appearance on the popular Netflix show “House of Cards”, chose to obnoxiously compare the fictional character of Frank Underwood to former Vice President Dick Cheney. Speaking to Meyers, Maddow joked how “In real life I don't feel I discomfit villains ever. I've spent my entire life trying to annoy Dick Cheney enough into talking to me.” [See video below.]