The libertine Left has done a lot of boasting over the last several years about the inevitability of History vanquishing every corner of American social conservatism. Election Day 2015 was a terrible day for these revolutionaries, as so often it is when it’s the American people, not liberal elites, making the decisions. Let's assess the damage.

The Fox News programs The O'Reilly Factor and Fox & Friends featured video with MRCTV's Dan Joseph on Thursday night and Friday morning. Dan asked voters at Colorado University in Boulder whether they had heard of Kate Steinle or "Kate's Law" named on her behalf. They had not.

On July 1 of this year, Steinle was shot in the aorta and killed by an illegal alien who had been deported five times, but returned to San Francisco, a "sanctuary city" that protects illegal immigrants from deportation.

Appearing as a guest on Friday's MSNBC Live with Jose Diaz-Balart, San Francisco Board of Supervisors member David Campos defended his city's decision to keep its sanctuary city policy, and, as he began his defense, he absurdly claimed that, although the killing of Kate Steinle by an illegal immigrant was "tragic," that it is "equally tragic" that people like Donald Trump and Bill O'Reilly  "scapegoat" "undocumented immigrants."

The “big three” networks of ABC, CBS, and NBC punted Tuesday night on news that Senate Democrats successfully blocked legislation aimed at cracking down on sanctuary cities. Doing the job the networks could have been doing, Fox Business Network (FBN) host Lou Dobbs alerted his views on Tuesday to the story that he described as “business as usual” with “Senate Republican leadership permitting Senate Democrats to successfully filibuster Republican legislation that would have cracked down on sanctuary cities.”

Washington Post columnist Lonnae O’Neal wrote a column for the front of Monday’s Style section with the headline “A teen’s rant over Obama takes us to an ugly place.” Online, the headline was "Teen’s viral rant takes us deeper into 'The Twilight Zone.'" 

Her target was conservative teen YouTube sensation C.J. Pearson, now heading up Teens for Ted (Cruz). His latest video attacked Obama for saying nothing to Kate Steinle’s family after she was killed, or the families of soldiers shot dead at a Chattanooga recruiting station. It’s “ugly” to point this out, apparently.

In a heated yet entertaining battle of the minds, the Fox News Channel’s Bill O’Reilly faced off on Wednesday night against Fusion/Univision anchor Jorge Ramos for a seven-minute-plus bout over the proposed Kate’s Law, illegal immigration, and Ramos’ decidedly liberal tilt toward advocacy that had O’Reilly telling Ramos that “you’re not a newsman anymore.”

One day after denouncing the media for their double standard in the portrayal of the tea party compared to the Black Lives Matter movement, Kelly File host Megyn Kelly returned Tuesday night and along with Townhall editor Katie Pavlich, the pair squared off against Fox News Channel contributor Richard Fowler in a heated debate with Fowler excusing members of the movement who have chanted violent, anti-police rhetoric.

During an interview with Brian Stelter, the senior media correspondent for the Cable News Network, Mexican-American journalist Jorge Ramos stated unequivocally that he does not support Kate's Law, which would mandate a five-year federal prison sentence for illegal immigrants who are deported and then return to the U.S. illegally.

“I think it is unfair that because one undocumented immigrant killed a wonderful human being, that all immigrants are being blamed for that killing,” the Univision anchor stated. “It is as unfair as if we were to criticize all white men in the United States for what happened in that theater in Aurora, Colorado.”

He may be 72, but Geraldo Rivera is threatening people with violence once again! Just last month, it was fellow Fox host Eric Bolling. Now it's former GOP consultant and current Donald Trump adviser Roger Stone, who insulted Ana Navarro and Roland Martin as "quota hires" as CNN pundits.

The New York Times is playing the race card on Donald Trump.   Surprise!

In a front page story on Friday the so-called "paper of record" headlined the surging GOP presidential this way: "Donald Trump's Instinct for Racially Charged Rhetoric, Before His Presidential Bid."

NBC and ABC on Thursday morning ignored the latest example of an illegal immigrant, who could have been detained, going on a crime spree. However, the networks both found time to cover the indictment of a Cincinnati cop for murder. Only CBS This Morning highlighted the disturbing rampage of Juan Emmanuel Razo. Gayle King explained, "...Another illegal from Mexico immigrant faces murder charges in the U.S. Police in Ohio say they stopped him weeks before the killing but they were told to let him go."

Late Friday afternoon the Washington Post headlined this front page story about the shooter in the Louisiana: "Reports: Shooter was mentally ill, anti-tax activist."

The story then reports that John Russell Houser “was a onetime entrepreneur who inveighed against women’s rights, liberals and minorities and had been involuntarily committed for mental illness.” Yes, Rusty Houser “was fiercely anti-tax,” “ anti-abortion,” and….wait for it… “pretty much a radical Republican.” And oh, by the way? “Rusty had an issue with feminine rights. He was opposed to women having a say in anything..."