We are now officially in Hillary-in-Wonderland world . . . A senior aide to Hillary Clinton has suggested that the FBI would be happy to discover that Hillary's infamous email server was wiped--and not with a cloth.

Interviewed by John Heilemann on today's With All Due Respect, Jennifer Palmieri--Communications Director for Hillary's campaign--insisted that finding that the server was thoroughly scrubbed is "the outcome they [the FBI] want."

In an interview with Hillary Clinton’s communications director Jen Palmieri on Tuesday, MSNBC host Andrea Mitchell fretted over the Democratic front-runner’s recent dive in the polls: “The numbers are grim for Secretary Clinton, whose overall unfavorable rating of 48% is worse than any unfavorable rating we've recorded for Barack Obama during his presidency....What do you think is the cause of these poll numbers?”

On Sunday’s Reliable Sources, CNN’s Brian Stelter told Jennifer Palmieri, Hillary Clinton’s communications director, that “there have not been that many complaints about press access with your media, as opposed to prior Clinton campaigns.” 

Over the weekend, Hillary Clinton took some flak for using a rope to separate herself from the press during a parade in New Hampshire and on Monday, the folks on Morning Joe mocked the campaign’s defense of the rope line. Joe Scarborough and his panelists laughed as Jennifer Palmieri, Communications Director for Clinton’s 2016 campaign, attempted to explain “our theory on press access and the campaign” which tries “to allow as much access as possible.” 

Team Obama's spokesman were testy on Tuesday after being challenged by the press in their daily messaging about the allegedly awful pay gap between men and women. In the briefing today, Andrew Johnson at The Corner noted Carney lashed out at Jeff Mason of Reuters when the reporter suggested "outside economists say that the data the president is using, the 77-cent phrase, is wrong." 

"To say, 'economists.' I mean, from Reuters, I would expect something a little more precise,” Carney snapped. Communications director Jennifer Palmieri also attacked the White House press on Tuesday. (Video below)

President Barack Obama touted benefits of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) in a speech at the White House Thursday, claiming his signature health care bill is “doing what it’s designed to do.” The president also acknowledged the “glitches” that have impacted the implementation of the law, including his announced one-year delay of a so-called “employer mandate” requiring businesses with more than 50 employees to provide health insurance.

Alex Wagner, and most of her Thursday Now panel, came to the defense of the president over ObamaCare and its implementation, while blasting Republicans for being “reluctant to embrace” the unpopular bill. Wagner invited on White House communications director Jennifer Palmieri to tout the legislation’s purported benefits, but included no conservatives on her panel to challenge Palmieri’s claims.

The PBS NewsHour led off its Thursday evening telecast with a story about the three scandals that currently envelop the Obama administration: the IRS targeting of Tea Party groups, the Justice Department’s subpoena of AP phone records, and the Benghazi attack. Rather than following the package with analysis from a journalist, as PBS often does with stories like this, the taxpayer-subsidized network brought on White House Communications Director Jennifer Palmieri to provide the White House's spin on these scandals.

Even worse, anchor Judy Woodruff did not rise to the occasion with any tough questioning, allowing Palmieri to spin her way right out of trouble. All of Woodruff’s questions dealt with President Obama’s reaction to the scandals; she never grilled Palmieri on whether the White House was involved in any of this. The assumption seemed to be that the president was an innocent bystander in all of these scandals.