On Thursday's NBC Today, correspondent Andrea Mitchell couldn't contain her excitement over Hillary Clinton's potential presidential run in 2016: "She already has her library. Hillary Clinton read The Very Hungry Caterpillar, but everyone waited for the next chapter as she opened the new Hillary Rodham Clinton Children's Library in Little Rock. Not far from a famous Arkansas presidential library." [Listen to the audio or watch the video after the jump]

Mitchell gushed over former Obama advisors joining "Ready for Hillary," a pro-Clinton 2016 super pac: "First they were rivals, then a team of rivals, and now Hillary Clinton seems to be picking up support from key members of team Obama....Barack Obama out-organized her in 2008. Now some of his former top campaign aides could help her clear the field."

On Monday, Governor Rick Perry (R-Texas) announced he would not seek a fourth term as chief executive of the Lone Star State, saying the time had come “to pass on the mantle of leadership.”

It took the liberal media roughly 30 minutes to begin what will no doubt be an onslaught against the former presidential candidate, with the Washington Post’s Chris Cillizza offering all the reasons why Perry “shouldn’t run for president again.”

Hillary Clinton has long been rumored to be a rather vulgar conversationalist when cameras aren't rolling.

According to a Washington Post piece about Mark Leibovich's new book “This Town,” then Secretary of State Clinton once said, “[Expletive] the White House Correspondents’ Association dinner.”

On Saturday, reporter Jonathan Martin wrote an interesting piece in the New York Times about Republican efforts to paint Hillary Clinton as “old news” for her potential 2016 run. Martin pondered the “striking” notion that Democrats “could run an older candidate” while Republicans “could nominate a youthful standard-bearer” in the next presidential election.

Of course, to the liberal panel on Monday’s Morning Joe – absent host and former Republican congressman Joe Scarborough – GOP criticism against the former secretary of state is nothing but a sexist, hypocritical attack on the victimized Clinton.

Mika Brzezinski and the Morning Joe crew continued their obsession with Hillary Clinton’s non-existent presidential campaign on Wednesday. Brzezinski gushed that the former secretary of state “transcends” the Bush-Clinton dynasty concerns raised by Barbara Bush, while guest Mark Halperin claimed Hillary was “head and shoulders above” the rest of the field.

The MSNBC panel invited Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-Mo.) on the show to discuss her early endorsement of Clinton, which the morning program hyped Tuesday as “very, very, very big news.” As NewsBusters has documented, some liberal media outlets have eagerly noted McCaskill’s endorsement, investing it with significance that it likely doesn’t deserve.

It turns out MSNBC isn't the only liberal news outlet giddy about Missouri Democratic Sen. Claire McCaskill's early endorsement of Hillary Clinton for a 2016 presidential bid.

This morning, the New York Times's Jonathan Weisman treated readers to a puffy 16-paragraph story headlined, "A Pro-Clinton PAC Receives the Support of a Key Obama Backer." Apparently when one thinks Democratic power brokers, the Show Me State's second-term senior senator is supposed to spring to mind.

Who was Morning Joe protecting: the sensitive ears of its viewers, or Hillary Clinton?

During a discussion of the death of the feisty and fearless reporter Michael Hastings, Morning Joe bleeped out Joe Scarborough's reading from an email from Hastings to Philippe Reines, Hillary's personal spokesman during her Secretary of State tenure.  Hastings had accused Reines of "b---s---" answers on the State Department's handling of Benghazi.  The extended bleeping wasn't simply of the offending word, but of Hastings' entire sentence, so listeners never learned the thrust of his accusation.  View the video after the jump.

According to James Carville, all Democrats want to do is “get behind” Hillary Clinton for the 2016 elections. It’s definitely easier for them to do so when the media is throwing their full weight behind the former secretary of state.

The liberal panelists on Tuesday’s Morning Joe hyped the “very, very, very big news” that Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-Mo.) is endorsing former Secretary Clinton for the 2016 presidential race – three and a half years before the election. McCaskill announced she was supporting Clinton Tuesday morning through the Ready for Hillary Super PAC.

In an early Wednesday morning story which seems to have been a strategic trial balloon, Charles Babington at the Associated Press, aka the Administration's Press, ran a story trying to portray the NSA surveillance revelations by Edward Snowden and subsequent developments as matters which have only riled up people on the "far left and far right." Otherwise, the American people are okey-dokey with NSA's data dragnet. Too bad for Babington and the administration, as I demonstrated in Part 1 (at NewsBusters; at BizzyBlog), that what appears to have been a belated attempt to intimidate prominent elected politicians has to a large extent not worked.

This post will further show that polling data Babington cited near the end of his report contradicts his claim that "Solid majorities of Americans and their elected representatives appear to support the chief elements of the government's secret data-gathering."

Alex Wagner just took the media’s infatuation with the Clinton family to a whole new level. In an interview with Chelsea Clinton on Friday’s Now, the daytime MSNBC host jokingly begged Clinton for “an extra large rolly bag that I can stuff myself into” when the former First Daughter travels.

After Clinton gamely approved, Wagner followed up with an even more bizarre request:

CNN sure loves the Clintons. After running a Hillary puff piece on Thursday, the network fawned over Chelsea on Friday morning's Starting Point.

Michaela Pereira, co-host of CNN's new morning show New Day, hyped that "Chelsea Clinton might just be the epitome of girl power." In her first CNN report, she added that Chelsea "is motivated from within. She's got these two extraordinary parents."

During a fawning report on Hillary Clinton's "first time kicking off the Clinton Global Initiative" on Friday's NBC Today, White House correspondent Peter Alexander also cheered the "double feature" of Clinton and New Jersey Governor Chris Christie speaking at the event: "Today it is Bill Clinton who could soon be advising his wife's next presidential bid, giving her possible rival Chris Christie the reins for a major platform to showcase his own leadership skills."

Continuing to hype Christie hobnobbing with Democrats, Alexander declared: "Chris Christie, the Jersey-shore-reopening, carnival-playing presidential pal is the former President's guest of honor, speaking this afternoon, while his Republican rivals address a conference of religious conservatives. Insiders say, for the moment, Christie is focused on 2013, not 2016, eyeing his own re-election race in a heavily blue state."