The increasingly vapid Nightline on Tuesday night actually covered the 2016 presidential race, but only because Donald Trump is feuding with a supermodel. This is just the show's second story on the election in the last month. Byron Pitts sarcastically opened the show: "Famously beautiful person Donald Trump says Heidi Klum at 42 is no longer a perfect ten." Sounding like a clickbait headline, he added, "The super model's hilarious response tonight as she joins the growing list of women insulted by the Republican presidential candidate front-runner."

Washington Post “reporter” Dan Zak is slinging mud at Donald Trump on the front of Wednesday’s Style section. He’s a bully and he’s “infantile,” and then....Zak went on an extended rant comparing Trump to North Korean communist despots Kim Jong Il and Kim Jong Un. Zak began talking about Trump in the "Spite House" this way: 

"Donald John Trump (R-Spite) is like Vito Corleone crossed with an 8-year-old," he wrote. "If you have wronged him, or crossed him, he will throw food at you and then bury you like you wouldn’t believe, understand? The behavior is simultaneously brutish and infantile, which polls nowadays as 'refreshing.'”

Time travel is one of the elements of science fiction writing. However, in the case of former Obama speechwriter Jon Lovett writing in The Atlantic it is more in the realm of science fantasy, emphasis on fantasy. Lovett's time travel to the near future of President Donald Trump tells us much less about Trump than it does about extreme liberal fantasies. As a bonus, Lovett's essay veers from science fantasy to extreme comedy but first let us watch him mock a future Donald Trump that exists only in his fervid liberal imagination:

NBC finally cares about government spending. The network that has been very friendly to Barack Obama (under whom the national debt will reach $19 trillion) worried that Donald Trump's policy goals may cost too much. Today reporter Hallie Jackson on Tuesday fretted: "The candidate known for his big money...turns out to be a big spender when it comes to his presidential proposals." Jackson lamented Trump's plans as wasteful: "Deporting 11 million undocumented immigrants estimated to cost about $138 billion....repealing the Affordable Care Act may cost the government $137 billion in the next decade."

During an appearance on Morning Joe on Tuesday, New York Times reporter Jeremy Peters eagerly spun on behalf of Hillary Clinton and the ongoing problems regarding her private e-mail server containing classified documents. 

Al Hunt did stop short of predicting something so horrible it could never happen in America--federal marshals armed with assault weapons hunting down children cowering in closets to forcibly return them to a Communist dictatorship. Oh, wait, that really did happen, under President Bill Clinton, when Elian Gonzalez was returned to Cuba at the point of a gun. 

On today's Morning Joe an Al Hunt on the verge of hysteria predicted that Donald Trump's immigration plan would lead to "federal raids on maternity wards."  He claimed that implementing the plan would cost "11 trillion dollars," which assuming 11 million illegals in the country converts to $1 million each.  Joe Scarborough chimed in to claim that "we don't have the money to do that."

Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders represent two sides of the same coin. Both men have tapped into a deep anger -- a discontent -- in the public mood. But our anger should be directed less at politicians (although many are deservedly targets) and more at ourselves for expecting more from government than it can deliver. 

After having ignored Hillary Clinton’s e-mail scandal since Saturday night, ABC emerged out of the wilderness during Monday’s World News Tonight to again cover the latest development while CBS and NBC went in the opposite direction Monday evening and ignored the story following three minutes of airtime on their Monday morning newscasts. On NBC, Katy Tur made sure to mention to viewers that Republican Governor Scott Walker (Wisc.) was heckled by “union protesters at the Iowa State Fair today.” 

On Monday's New Day, during a discussion of GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump's recent criticism of President Barack Obama's deal with Iran on the Islamic state's nuclear program, Daily Beast editor and liberal CNN political commentator Jon Avlon oddly claimed that Obama has a "nuanced negotiating style" that is "inspirational" as he responded to the GOP presidential candidate's comments.

On Monday's New Day, CNN political reporter Sara Murray tagged Donald Trump's recently revealed plan for dealing with illegal immigration as a "hardline immigration plan," asserting that the plan "only offers red meat that will appeal to the far right conservative wing of the party."

And, even though there is debate about whether the U.S. Constitution's provision for birthright citizenship actually mandates this right for the children of illegal immigrants, Murray dismissed the push for ending such automatic citizenship by claiming that it is "enshrined in the Constitution."

In the late 1980s, the Bears (a briefly great band, not the football team) pointed out, “This world hangs by a slender thread/Trust.” Daily Beast columnist and MSNBC pundit Alter argued Monday that Hillary Clinton’s current political malaise is rooted in her failure to trust the American people rather than in any real wrongdoing on her part.

“Hillary’s problem is not the emails story itself, but her response to it, which has been halting and defensive,” declared Alter. “The reason so many voters don’t trust Hillary is she doesn’t trust them. Trust is reciprocal. If she trusted the public more, she would be mixing it up in the media more, like [Donald] Trump, and betting that the public will eventually sort out the truth.”

Out of the nearly 15 minutes of coverage the network morning shows devoted to the 2016 presidential race on Monday, only three minutes of that air time focused on the e-mail scandal continuing to plague Hillary Clinton’s campaign.