To borrow a phrase from President Obama, let New York magazine’s Chait be clear: “Republicans nominated Donald Trump [because] Republican voters like Donald Trump. This theory has the virtues of simplicity and truth.” Chait’s peg for his Friday post, however, was an “alternate theory” he rejects: that “Trump prevailed at least in part because liberals blew their credibility by hyperbolically denouncing previous Republican presidential candidates, thereby conditioning Republicans to ignore the warnings when Trump came along.”

According to Politico, the media were given no advance notice regarding Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump’s trip to meet with Mexico’s President Enrique Peña Nieto and were instead left “seething” because they didn’t have enough time to prepare for the trip across the border to Mexico City.


While filling in for the host of All In With Chris Hayes on Thursday night, MSNBC's Joy-Ann Reid clashed with Steve Cortes, a supporter of Donald Trump, asking her Latino guest not to use the word “illegals” because he was “offending or disturbing or offending lots of people who are listening.”

The liberal channel's national correspondent was surprised when Cortes refused to grant her request “because words matter” and “if you do something against the law, it's illegal.”

Generally, it’s not a good idea to take advice from people who don’t have your interests at heart. On Friday, NBC’s Chuck Todd advised Donald Trump to stay away from the “rabbit hole” of Clinton “obsession.” MSNBC host Andrea Mitchell fretted that the hiring of David Bossie is a “nightmare in Clinton world.” 

Friday’s New York Times featured wall-to-wall scare-mongering over Donald Trump’s opposition to illegal immigration, and placed the perfectly respectable term “sanctuary cities” in scare quotes, as if was somehow out of bounds. Reporter Julia Preston, perhaps the paper’s worst offender when it comes to producing biased, pro-amnesty stories (and that's some stiff competition), struck twice in Friday’s edition. “In Immigration Enforcement Debate, a Split on the Role of the Police” featured “sanctuary cities” enclosed in unnecessary scare quotes, something the Times does with phrases popular with conservatives, like “death tax.”

On Friday’s NBC Today, correspondent Hallie Jackson seized on a report that Donald Trump was set to participate in a “scripted” question and answer session with a pastor at a black church during an upcoming campaign stop in Detroit: “Donald Trump will focus on delivering his message to minority communities....that trip to Detroit to a black church over the weekend. But that trip is raising eyebrows with word it is scripted.”

The New York Times absolutely hated Donald Trump’s relatively successful (or at least gaffe-free) stop in Mexico to meet with its president, and the paper took its slightly panicky hostility out on President Enrique Peña Nieto in Thursday A1, two lead stories under the banner headline “Mexican Leader Disputes Trump On Border Wall.” Patrick Healy shared the top slot over a headline that used Mexico's President Peña Nieto to bash Trump, who used his "usual bullying tone" when he got back from Mexico, while Azam Ahmed and Elizabeth Malkin reported with snark from Mexico City: “Invitation Is Viewed as ‘Historic Error.’” (One guy said it, so it must be true.) The Times lead editorial, “Mr. Trump Plays Mexico,” also showed hostility to Peña Nieto for daring to meet with the Republican nominee for president.

Appearing as a panel member on Thursday's New Day, CNN political analyst Jackie Kucinich -- also of the Daily Beast -- suggested that GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump's handling of the immigration issue yesterday amounted to "blowing himself up" or "killing himself" politically as she hinted that Hillary Clinton is better off ceding the spotlight to her Republican opponent.

On Thursday, the Washington Free Beacon's David Rutz spotlighted HLN's censorship of a hero's pro-Trump T-shirt during a rebroadcast of an interview on his rescue of a baby from a hot car. Rutz outlined that former police officer Steve Eckle "donned a blue T-shirt saying, '2016 Trump for President.' However, in a rerun of the interview...his shirt was blurred out." HLN's sister network, CNN, had no such qualms a month earlier, as it ran Fareed Zakaria's "bulls**t artist" label of Trump uncensored.

Of the three morning shows on Thursday, it was CBS that defaulted to the automatic assumption that Donald Trump was lying about a discussion with Mexico’s President. ABC and NBC presented the debate over whether the businessman brought up the wall with Enrique Pena Nieto as an open question. On CBS This Morning, however, Major Garrett flatly declared, “Trump mislead reporters, however, by saying Mexican financing of a border wall did not come up.” 

Donald Trump made a trip down to Mexico Wednesday to meet with President Enridue Pena Nieto. The two discussed the current state of US-Mexico relations, and it seems to have gone well. But following their evening news report of Trump’s visit, CBS took the time to highlight Latino-American’s mobilizing against Trump. “Immigration activists loaded into a van and headed to a local registration office where they helped Latino residents register to vote,” reported Mireya Villarreal, “For them, this election is personal.”

During a live interview on Wednesday with Republican vice presidential nominee and Indiana Governor Mike Pence on CNN's New Day, host Alisyn Camerota recalled that Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto once hyperbolically likened Donald Trump's anti-Mexico rhetoric to that of Nazi dictator Adolf Hitler, before she then essentially asked if the GOP presidential nominee would apologize to the Mexican president for provoking the negative reaction.