According to the new platform just released by the Women’s March, “women” only stands for “women who agree with us.”

Chelsea host Chelsea Handler is making good on her tearful, post-election promise to use to her “voice.” On January 21, she’ll be leading the Sundance Film Festival’s “Women’s March on Main” to protest President-elect Trump’s inauguration.  

Comedian Chelsea Handler, an advocate for “women supporting women,” is at it again – criticizing the great culprits behind Donald Trump’s victory. (White women, of course.) In an essay penned for Arianna Huffington’s new health site, Thrive Global, Handler attacked those who take their rights for granted and bow to their male overlords. “Specifically,” she posited, “the 53% of all white female voters who chose Mr. Trump.”  

Appearing as a guest on Thursday's The Daily Show on Comedy Central, liberal comedian Chelsea Handler slammed women who refused to vote for Hillary Clinton as she declared that "there's something wrong with you," and cracked that women need to "get rid of" their husbands because they are "listening to their husbands too much." She also complained that women should have supported Clinton "whether you f****** like her or not."

After Donald Trump’s stunning victory, some stars were in a bind. They had told fans they’d leave the country if the Republican candidate won the race...a possibility they never legitimately entertained. What to do now that the unthinkable had happened? See why these celebs decided to stay.

California Senator Barbara Boxer was called upon to counsel Chelsea Handler on her Netflix show that was taped the day after the presidential election results. Talk about a meltdown – in Thursday's episode titled “The Day After with Sen. Barbara Boxer,” both women were in tears that Hillary Clinton lost to Donald Trump. It was a ridiculous spectacle.

Liberal comedian Chelsea Handler pre-recorded a “victory” video for Hillary Clinton’s anticipated win on election night. The taped segment for Wednesday’s Netflix show included cheering, balloons falling and a woman holding a sign reading, “Roe V. Wade 4 Ever.” 

Chelsea Handler has devoted many of her shows to getting out the vote for Hillary Clinton and on Thursday’s episode “So Fiercely Proud of My Mom,” Handler interviewed former First Daughter Chelsea Clinton on her Netflix show, Chelsea.

Ideas for show themes must be in short supply in the world of Chelsea Handler’s Netflix show. In Wednesday’s “How Dark My Life Once Was,” she goes to the well for a second time to gather support for her lame threat to move to Canada should Donald Trump win the election on November 8. 

On Friday's Real Time with Bill Maher, liberal comedienne Chelsea Handler joined with host Maher to promote the use of alcohol and illicit drugs as the two excoriated those who abstain as being "untrustworthy" and "f***ing tricky." Maher brought up Donald Trump's refusal to drink alcohol as a strike against the GOP presidential candidate, as he brought aboard Handler and soon posed: "One thing we did on this show for a while was trying to show red flags about Donald Trump, and I love one of yours that I did not think of, which is that he doesn't drink. And you say this is a red flag."

Appearing as a guest in a pre-recorded segment on Saturday's CNN Newsroom, liberal comedienne Chelsea Handler slammed Republican vice presidential nominee Mike Pence as a "loser" who "should be sent to Utah and, like, locked up in a little barn there," inspiring laughter from CNN host Poppy Harlow as she responded, "I like Utah." Handler also declared that she is not simply supporting Clinton to oppose Donald Trump, lauding the Democratic nominee as "more qualified to do this job than maybe anybody ever in history."

During the episode “I’m Here to Volunteer” of Netflix’s Chelsea, a solid reason to vote for Hillary Clinton’s opponent became apparent – Chelsea Handler contemplates moving to Canada if Donald Trump becomes America’s 45th president.