Planned Parenthood has just released a video in response to the upcoming Super Bowl ad featuring the pro-life birth story of college football star Tim Tebow.

The pro-abortion group's ad includes Olympic gold medalist Al Joyner and former NFL football player Sean James promoting what they call "respect for women's choices."

James said in the ad that he "respects and honors Mrs. Tebow's decision" but every woman's decision must be "valued ... trusted and respected." 

"My mom showed me that women are strong and wise," James continued. "She taught me that only women can make the best decisions about their health and their future." - Media Research CenterCNN, in a report on the Centers for Disease Control’s finding that the teen birth rate increased in 2006, focused attention on what liberals surmise is a partial cause of the increase - President Bush’s advocacy of abstinence-only sex education. CNN correspondent Mary Snow, in her introduction to her report, noted that, "no one is saying for certain whether the rise in teen pregnancy is in fact a trend, but it is bringing attention to abstinence-only programs, and the roughly $176 million the federal government spends on them each year."

The report, which aired during the 4 pm Eastern hour of Thursday’s "The Situation Room," featured three sound bites from both sides of the debate. Two came from Cecile Richards, the president of Planned Parenthood, whose political leanings are never mentioned. The third came from Robert Rector of The Heritage Foundation, which is described as a "conservative think tank."

[Update, 12:20 pm Eastern: Kristen Fyfe of MRC's Culture and Media Institute pointed out the biased reporting of the New York Times and the Washington Post on the CDC report.]