Some analysts have pointed out that it’d be risky for Republicans to preemptively block anyone President Obama nominates to succeed Antonin Scalia on the Supreme Court, but that approach wouldn’t necessarily end when Obama leaves office. Washington Monthly blogger Martin Longman believes that if in 2017 a Democrat becomes president but GOPers retain sufficient power in the Senate, they’ll just keep quashing SCOTUS nominations for the duration.

“The approximate time when they’ll be reconciled to replacing their Lord & Savior with an Obama or Clinton or Sanders nominee is never,” wrote Longman in a Monday post. “This is particularly true for the anti-choice crusaders, because their mission to overturn Roe has come so close to fruition that they could anticipate the taste of victory in their mouths.” For the next eleven months, Longman sneered, Republicans simply “don’t want the president’s Kenyan paws on Scalia’s high seat.”

Following the passing of Justice Antonin Scalia, the country mourned the loss of one of its greatest legal thinkers. Not surprisingly, Jessica Valenti of the leftist British newspaper The Guardian was quick to figuratively spit on his grave.

MSNBC's Chris Hayes is usually right less often than a stopped clock, i.e., fewer than two times a day. But he might get lucky if by some miracle he's right about something else today because of the matter discussed in this post.

After the Obama administration announced that President Barack Obama will not attend Saturday's funeral for Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, a staunch Catholic, Hayes tweeted that Obama should be there, and explained why he actually got something right for a change, i.e., he relied on his mother's advice (HT Twitchy via Instapundit):

In a desperate attempt on Wednesday’s NBC Today to hype supposed divisions in the Republican Party over opposition to President Obama nominating a successor to Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, correspondent Andrea Mitchell enthusiastically proclaimed: “Even as a handful of Republican senators are now breaking with their leaders and saying the Obama nominee should at least get a fair hearing.”

The late Antonin Scalia was a "good soul" personally but had a backwards, outdated "ideology," Chris Matthews asserted on his February 16 Hardball program. Of course, in the process, Matthews both confused Scalia's philosophy of legal interpretation with "ideology" and misnamed it as "originalist" when in fact Scalia repeatedly took pains to describe his philosophy as "textualism."

The “big three” networks ABC, CBS, and NBC all made sure to weigh in Tuesday night on President Barack Obama’s comments hours earlier about his desire to fill the Supreme Court vacancy left by the late Justice Antonin Scalia and spun them as Obama “plan[ning] to follow the Constitution” against “the Republican roadblock” in the Senate. 

The View’s Whoopi Goldberg on Tuesday furiously denounced fellow co-host Joy Behar for suggesting that the family of Antonin Scalia might know of a conspiracy theory to kill the justice. Goldberg went ballistic at her fellow panelists on the show for speculating on such possibilities, condemning, “We don't actually know what happened! This just happened over the weekend. Let's hold off before we decide that somebody murdered him!” 

Liberal MSNBC host Lawrence O’Donnell on Tuesday played mind reader and asserted that the late Antonin Scalia would want Barack Obama to appoint his replacement. This claim is false. One would only have to ask Antonin Scalia. 

Despite not even having a short list of President Obama’s nominees to replace Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, on Tuesday’s NBC Today, correspondent Andrea Mitchell assured viewers it would be a “moderate” pick and slammed Republican opposition.

Hillary Clinton made her latest appearance Monday night on the friendly confines of MSNBC’s Hardball as she partnered with host Chris Matthews to discuss “litmus tests” for judicial appointees and trash Republicans over their reaction to the sudden death of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia plus Senator Marco Rubio for his pro-life views.

On Monday, the morning and evening newscasts of ABC and NBC failed to highlight, in their coverage of the death of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, that Democratic Senator Chuck Schumer’s decision to come out in support of whomever President Obama nominates flies in the face of what he said in 2007, 18 monhs before the end of the presidential term, about vowing to block any Supreme Court nomination by then-President George W. Bush.

Over the past few days, a great many left-wing commentators have weighed in on Antonin Scalia-related issues, especially Scalia’s judicial legacy and Republicans’ refusal to consider anyone President Obama might nominate to fill the vacancy on the Supreme Court. Highlights have included Slate's Dahlia Lithwick remarking that "sometimes it seemed [Scalia] worked overtime to earn your hate. He gloried in it. He wrote cruel, demeaning things about whole groups of Americans”; Salon's Amanda Marcotte alleging that Republicans won't consider any Obama nominees for the SCOTUS vacancy because "the conservative base has never accepted that a black Democrat could be a legitimately elected President”; and Esquire's Charles Pierce suggesting that Scalia be succeeded on the Court by Anita Hill.