Our country's most sacred values and traditions are under a fierce assault by the Left. The culture wars are raging, and many believe conservatives are losing.

But defeat is not imminent—far from it.

The Media Research Center's MRC Culture is committed to neutralizing the chief propagandists for the Left: the liberal "so-called" news media.

We document all the ways in which the media advance a left-wing agenda and brainwash Americans into believing that America's founding values are misguided and antiquated. We use our massive marketing apparatus to reach millions of Americans with the truth, and in doing so prevent the propaganda from taking hold.

From the sanctity of life to gun rights to patriotism, MRC Culture is the stalwart defender of the values that underpin America's greatness. We rely on a citizen army of conservatives to spread our message and donate to our day-to-day operations, so that we have the resources we need to fight back against the liberal media poised on destroying our culture.

Please consider joining the ranks of these conservative warriors who make it possible for us to defend our most sacred values.