MSNBC: 'New Jobless Claims Decline By Over 200,000'

Recovery summer just keeps getting better and better.  News outlets such as announce "New jobless claims drop sharply."  Although the unadjusted data reflect an actual increase, the media are reporting a seasonally adjusted drop of 21,000 in jobless claims.  

But that wasn't good enough for MSNBC. While broadcasting an Obama speech during Andrea Mitchell Reports, the screen crawl reported "NEW JOBLESS CLAIMS DECLINE BY OVER 200,000."

OK, mistakes happen.  But my guess is that if the error reflected poorly on the Obama administration, someone would have caught the error pronto.  An hour later, MSNBC Live anchored by Tamron Hall was still featuring the same mistake.  The following hour, anchor Chris Jansing took over and new jobless claims still had dropped by more than 200,000.           

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