ABC Out to Lunch on U.S. Attempt to Kindle Political Change in Cuba; CBS, NBC Cover

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As of the morning of 5 August 2014, ABC's morning and evening newscasts have yet to cover the Associated Press report that revealed the Obama administration's covert program in Cuba that attempted "recruit young Cubans to anti-government activism" on the communist-dominated island. The AP outlined that "over at least two years, the U.S. Agency for International Development...sent nearly a dozen neophytes from Venezuela, Costa Rica and Peru to gin up opposition in Cuba."

By contrast, both CBS This Morning and NBC's Today set aside air time to the scoop. NBC's Natalie Morales gave a 32-second news brief on the clandestine program:

NATALIE MORALES: The Obama administration secretly employed young Latin Americans in Cuba to try and provoke political change. This is according to an Associated Press investigation. The AP says the project began as early as 2009, and it secretly used Venezuelan, Costa Rican, and Peruvian youth in Cuba in an attempt to provoke a rebellion. They reportedly worked undercover, and posed as tourists – and, in one case, created a HIV prevention workshop to recruit activists. In all, nearly a dozen Latin Americans served in the program.