On CNN, Conservative Pollster Conway, Joy Behar Spar Over The Future of 'The View'

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Kellaynne Conway and Joy Behar faced off on the 9 July 2014 edition of CNN Tonight over the future of ABC's The View, particularly in light of Rosie O'Donnell rejoining the cast. Host Don Lemon wondered, "Will the panel reflect American politics?" When Conway asserted that the program didn't need to be political, Behar sarcastically asked if the conservative pollster wanted the job. Conway replied, "No, no, no. I think they're not really looking for a real conservative."

The former View host later underlined that "a lot of the research showed that women did get their news from us." Conway then expressed her concern about this, which led to Lemon and Behar both making the same point about the long-running ABC program:

KELLYANNE CONWAY: But, Joy – you know, you said that's where women got their news. And I know you're right statistically speaking....But, in fairness, a lot of that, as is a lot of punditry today – not news. It's opinion. And it becomes very difficult for the average consumer to distinguish between the two....And I think that's really – it's a little bit dangerous. I mean, frankly – you know, when I come on, it's a Republican pollster, somebody else, Democratic strategist. But we don't always know every axe that everybody is grinding out there when it's under the guise of entertainment. I think there should be a distinction between true hard news and opinion.

DON LEMON: Yeah. Listen, I don't know if that's – that's not 'The View's' role. 'The View' doesn't present itself as a news show-

JOY BEHAR: The show never – but the show never represented itself as a news show – never.