CNN Plays Up 'Tough Year' For Obama White House in Wake of Supreme Court Rulings

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On the 30 June 2014 edition of This Hour, CNN's John Berman underlined that the Supreme Court's ruling against the Obama administration's contraceptive mandate was "another setback to the administration, in what has been a difficult year for this White House." Berman later asserted that "this has to be very frustrating for them. They feel blocked politically, legally, foreign policy-wise. Pretty much, everywhere they look now, they're getting blocked."

Co-anchor Michaela Pereira also played up how all three female justices dissented in the Hobby Lobby case and forwarded the left's spin about the Court's ruling:

MICHAELA PEREIRA: ...I can't help but think that there are going to be people that will see this as religious freedoms – religious beliefs – trumping women's rights and their – obviously, what they can do with their bodies. Is that too simplistic a view? And you know, it's very significant to me...that three of the female justices dissented.