6 Lies From Ms. Magazine Piece on Pro-Life 'Forced Birth' Movement

Tierin-Rose Mandelburg
January 8th, 2024 4:08 PM

Ms. Magazine, which has a history of fabricating truths, straight-up lying, and being just about as pro-left as an outlet can be, released a piece last week titled “Punish, Torture, Kill: The Reality of Pregnancy in ‘Pro-Life’ America.” The piece aims to insist that the pro-life movement only exists to “force women to carry pregnancies against their will.”

The piece is penned by Jill Filipovic, one of the staunchest abortion supporters in existence. Filipovic, when not writing dramatized pieces for Ms. Magazine, writes for Cosmopolitan and CNN, two notoriously left-leaning, abortion supporting outlets. 

It’s no wonder she went ham with all the lies on this piece.

Lie #1: Pro-lifers are forced birthers. 

Obviously that’s false. The pro-life movement simply doesn’t think it’s morally right to murder an innocent child and believes that pregnancies shouldn’t be deliberately terminated for convenience's sake. The pro-life movement isn’t forcing anyone to get pregnant - hence, the pro-life movement isn't forcing anyone to give birth either.

Lie #2: Miscarriages and abortions are the same thing. 

Throughout her piece, Filipovic likened abortions to miscarriages just about every chance she got, a categorically false comparison. Miscarriages are when a child spontaneously dies in utero. Abortions are when a child’s life is purposely ended while in utero. No pro-life law makes it so that a woman who miscarries cannot receive proper medical attention or care. Filipovic’s fearmongering tactics aren’t as impactful with that fact though (hence why she left it out).

Filipovic also brought up the story of Brittany Watts, who she claims is currently “being prosecuted for having a miscarriage.” Well, that’s how Filipovic wants you to view the story. Watts is in trouble because she tried to flush her 21-week-old baby's remains down the toilet, not because she had a miscarriage. But Filipovic’s phrasing is better for her point, as she frets, “Watts’ case is a chilling preview of what could come: Miscarriage criminalized in myriad ways."

Again, false.

Lie #3: Abortion is “life-saving.”

Filipovic also brought up Kate Cox who recently came into the public eye after her home state of Texas denied her an abortion because her baby wasn’t threatening her life and she was past the legal limit to abort in the state. Cox's child had been diagnosed with a fetal abnormality that could result in severe deformity or even death, but Cox’s life was not in danger. 

But to Filipovic, carrying a child who may be born disabled or ill constitutes a "medically necessary" abortion. It doesn't.

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Lie #4: Babies with abnormalities need to die.

This is false. There have been countless examples and stories of babies who were diagnosed in the womb with trisomy 18 who ended up living long lives. If there’s a chance at success, there’s no need to eliminate that possibility - but again, that doesn’t matter to Filipovic.

Lie #5: The pro-life movement uses nuance to justify abortion in some cases.

In her article, Filipovic also brought up what’s called a “double effect” to essentially claim that pro-lifers will justify abortion sometimes. This is the principle that some actions can be considered morally acceptable even though they have both good and bad effects. Filipovic specifically referenced ectopic pregnancies and the fact the pro-life movement doesn't consider treating them to be abortions. Well, that's because they aren't. The thing about that is that the pro-life movement recognizes the following, as noted by Focus on the Family:

The sole intent of an abortion is to produce a dead baby – that’s why it’s called a “failed abortion” when the baby survives. Treating a pregnancy complication that threatens the mother’s life to save her life, such as ectopic pregnancy, does not intend to cause the death of the preborn child. Our treatment intends to save the life of the mother. As pro-life physicians, we are pro-life for both mother and baby, so the decision is clear – we save who we can.

Lie #6: The pro-life movement thinks women are put on Earth for subservience.

"This is how dark of a moment we are in,” Filipovic wrote regarding the current nature of the abortion debate, continuing:

At the heart of the “pro-life” movement is the idea that women are put on this earth for subservience. This is a religious idea (in the U.S., rooted in Christianity) that women are obedient helpmeets for male heads of household, and all-giving caretakers of children. There is no room for a woman to pursue her own desires or dreams, no worthy woman who prioritizes herself; there is only the duty to meet the needs of others, and to serve both the men who are your superiors and the children whose lives are your important than yours.

If this were true, there'd be no Christian women in academia, in the business world, in government, or in nay other sector of life than in the home. Obviously, that's not true. Seeking to save babies from being murdered doesn't mean you want women to be a doormat - it just means you don't think babies should be murdered.

This Ms. Magazine piece by Filipovic is just another leftist attempt to misinform in order to gain more support against life. It’s disturbing that the left allows lies like this to spread but at this point, it’s not that surprising anymore.

Consider this your sign, again, to not always believe everything you see on the internet.

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