CNN's Bolduan Rips Conservative Super PAC's 'Sexist' Jab at Hillary's 'Shopping Sprees'

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On the 23 June 2014 edition of New Day, CNN's Kate Bolduan blasted conservative
super PAC America Rising for a supposedly bigoted attack on Hillary
Clinton. The group recently attacked the former secretary of state as
being out of touch: "If Hillary is going to run for president, she might
be advised to take a lengthy sabbatical from her $200,000 per pop
speaking tour and private shopping sprees at Bergdorfs to try and
reconnect with what's happening back here on Earth."

Bolduan asserted that America Rising's statement was a "stupid, sexist remark on a shopping spree
that has nothing to do with...or shouldn't have anything to do with"
the recent criticism of Clinton for her "dead broke" claim.