Apple Co-Founder Steve Wozniak Warns Public to ‘Get Off Facebook’

Would you want Facebook listening to your conversations? Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak certainly does not.

On July 8, Wozniak did an interview with TMZ in the Reagan National Airport in D.C. where he expressed his Facebook privacy concerns. Wozniak told TMZ, “I worry because you’re having conversations that you think are private... You’re saying words that really shouldn’t be listened to, because you don’t expect it. But there’s almost no way to stop it.”

Wozniak theorized during the interview that he thinks better privacy should be a choice. He told TMZ, “let me pay a certain amount, and you’ll keep my data more secure and private than everybody else handing it to advertisers.” 

The Apple cofounder says that to some, the loss of privacy is worth the benefits of Facebook. Despite this, Wosniak's recommendation to most people is to "figure out a way to get off Facebook.”

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