Oops, You're Still On Camera, NBC: Lauer Scolds Producer, Meredith Took a NyQuil

At the end of the first half-hour of NBC's Today show, the anchors were on camera when they clearly thought they were off-camera. At least here in the Washington area, while Meredith Vieira was looking down and waiting on screen, viewers heard Matt Lauer matter-of-factly critiquing an interview segment: "I wouldn't have echoed that first question...I already saw it in the intro...I already killed it." Meredith then looked up with a practiced smile and said, "Nice to see ya, Debra," and moved into promoting the next half-hour. Then they went back to assuming they were off-camera. Lauer again fussed about his interview prep. Meredith said she couldn't sleep last night and took a NyQuil, and her mouth is so dry this morning.

In a nice touch, Meredith turned around and waved and whispered Happy Birthday to a well-wisher behind her in the window. Did they get an inkling someone had messed up?

NBC Today
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