"Moses had a temper but he never left a girl at the bottom of the Red Sea." If anybody feared that the upcoming "Chappaquiddick" movie would be a whitewash of Ted Kennedy, the recently released trailer should disabuse them of that notion. Legal Insurrection describes the movie as the "portrait of a weasel." Kate Erbland of IndieWire reviewed it as a Compelling Teddy Kennedy Biopic That Pulls No Punches.

Those who wonder why the average American no longer trusts the establishment press to report fairly and accurately, or even to defend basic First Amendment freedoms, need to look no further than yesterday's tweet by New York Times reporter Nicole Perlroth about Joe Biden's heavily documented creepy behavior towards women, particularly younger women. Rather than accept the idea that the man has a problem, Perlroth wants Twitter to "handle" this "alt-right fake-news meme."

First, it was almost seven solid months of 24/7 Russia Russia Russia blasting from the mainstream media. Recently that vanished to be replaced by a new MSM theme, Racist Racist Racist. And after President Donald Trump's rally on Tuesday in Phoenix, it has morphed into Crazy Crazy Crazy.  Only the most fringe elements out there are continuing to place their faith in Trump leaving office because of supposed collusion with the Russians. That is so first half of 2017.

The LGBT community has some big-time tech support. On the heels of North Carolina’s contentious HB2 repeal, the LGBT community came out in full force for Transgender Visibility Day. And social media giants Twitter, YouTube and Tumblr - known for their support of progressive causes - were right there with them.

Billboard magazine reports the 8th most popular song this week is from the 19-year-old Florida rapper calling himself Kodak Black. It's called "Tunnel Vision." The video includes the rapper standing in front of burning crosses and a scene of a Trump supporter wearing a Confederate-flag vest and a red hat that reads "MAKE AMERICA HATE AGAIN." He aims to shoot an unarmed black man (for sport?), but the gun jams. Subtlety is not a virtue to this "artist."  


Try to imagine Voltaire or Thomas Paine robotically chanting an inane mantra and you get an idea of how silly it is. However, that is what Shia LaBeouf's livestream camera cult is doing outside the Museum of Moving of the Image in the Astoria section of Queens, New York. When the livestream camera cultists are not mindlessly reciting that chant they are either loafing around doing basically nothing or getting arrested as happened to LaBeouf on January 26.


Mostly former actor and now mostly performance artist Shia LaBeouf seems to be under the illusion that if the above monotonous chant is repeated on livestream video 24/7 for the next four years, it will somehow have some sort of political impact. Well, maybe not so much political as a comedy impact as we shall see although that definitely is not LaBeouf's intention. Entertainment provides us with a quick review of LaBeouf's latest performance art obsession that has inadvertently turned into comic art for others.

Your humble correspondent featured some really hilarious viral liberal meltdown videos in the wake of President Trump's election victory in November. Of course, one also expected great things of the same group following Donald Trump's inauguration yesterday and they did not disappoint. However, mixed with the hilarious comes also the pathetically sad in the form of anarchists smashing windows and destroying property as a form of violent protest. 

This weekend, with Christmas and the meeting of the Electoral College just around the corner, SNL released three aptly timed and culturally relevant sketches. As per usual, the videos glorified Obama, bashed Trump and intimated that catastrophe will strike on January 21. 

The election may be over, but unfortunately the time for celebrity PSA videos is not! In the latest campaign, distraught celebs are pleading for Electoral College members to “vote their conscience;” that is, pick anyone but Trump.

I believe it was Rush Limbaugh who once said that liberals in power are dangerous but once they are out of power they are funny. And when they unexpectedly lose power in a most stunning way as happened last Tuesday when Donald Trump won the presidency, they are absolutely hilarious as you will see. 

Right now on YouTube there are dozens, perhaps hundreds, of hilarious liberal mental meltdown compilation videos which have gone viral. Once you start watching them you just can't stop watching the over the top real life comedy. So let your humble correspondent be your guide through just a few of these videos as I review the highlights.

Former California governor, actor and anti-carbon crusader Arnold Schwarzenegger issued some harsh words for anyone who doesn’t want the Environmental Protection Agency regulating carbon dioxide.

In a recently posted video, the Terminator star said, “Some politicians even want to shut down the EPA’s ability to regulate carbon! I would like to strap their mouth to an exhaust pipe of a truck, turn on the engine and let’s see how long it would take for them to tap out.”