The world’s most-popular YouTuber is now under attack from the left. Liberals want to silence him and remove from YouTube because they claim he’s a “white supremacist.” In a petition signed by 67,186 people, liberals are campaigning to remove YouTuber PewDiePie and blame him for a recent anti-Muslim terror attack. Maria Ruiz, who launched the petition, demanded that, “In the wake of the most recent mosque shooting I believe it is time to take action as a community and remove white supremacist content from our platforms.” 

YouTube deplatformed a Navy Seal veteran whose Youtube channel showed him exposing fake veterans. Retired Senior Chief Petty Officer Don Shipley used his channel, Buds131, to expose impostors claiming to be Navy SEALs. He helped expose Native-American activist Nathan Phillips of the Covington hoax as being a refrigerator mechanic for the USMC rather than a ”Recon Ranger” who fought in Vietnam as the media formerly reported.

While YouTube may publicly deny demoting videos based on their "specific political perspectives,” both right and left wing commentators have noticed a huge drop in recommendations. In February there has been a massive drop in YouTube recommending content for a select group of creators — from 7.8% recommendation rate to a miniscule 0.4%. That’s a whopping 94.87% drop.


YouTube is launching new initiative to combat what it calls fake news and “misinformation.” A YouTube spokesperson told Buzzfeed that “As part of our ongoing efforts to build a better news experience on YouTube, we are expanding our information panels to bring fact checks from eligible publishers to YouTube.” While this was originally launched to combat serious and malicious misinformation in places like India, there is concern that it will be weaponized in the future.

YouTube has taken decisive action to combat “any content — including comments — that endangers minors,” according to The Washington Post. YouTube said it has deleted hundreds of channels and millions of comments for objectionable content. A YouTube spokesperson informed The Verge that the firm “took immediate action by deleting accounts and channels, reporting illegal activity to authorities, and disabling violative comments.”

Twitter wants to regulate the kind of speech that’s allowed on its platform. But there will be some backlash from those who are banned.

After numerous liberal videos have been downvoted by millions, YouTube is considering tactics to combat “dislike mobs.” Embarrassing cases such as YouTube’s famous 2018 Rewind and Gillette’s “anti-male” commercial have proved that the site has millions of users who don’t don’t share its progressive ideology.

YouTube announced it is restricting more videos — including “borderline content and content that could misinform users in harmful ways.” The platform has a bad history of policing content.

Two free speech YouTubers from the UK have been demonetized for unclear reasons. UK Free speech icons Tommy Robinson and Markus Meechan (aka Count Dankula) have both been financially cut off by YouTube, destroying their ability to make money on the platform. English Defense League founder Tommy Robinson predicted (in the video he was demonetized for), “Now they want to take away my ability to even make videos for you. There’s one thing the establishment will hate and they hate a voice making noise… What they really hate, is political opposition”

Yesterday Gillette decided to use its authority as “The Best a Man Can Get” to school men in the art of proper post-#MeToo behavior. In an ad brimming with PC condescension, the shaving company held men in general accountable for the existence of “toxic masculinity.” In short, many people are not happy about it. BBC reported that Gillette is currently receiving major backlash and a wide boycott of its brand.

YouTube admitted it was militant about removing and censoring content this year. Between July and September, YouTube removed 58 million videos, 1.67 million channels, and 224 million comments for violations including inappropriate content or spreading “hate speech.”

YouTube wants to celebrate its political bias. A whole year’s worth. This annual YouTube Rewind, once praised as a homage to YouTube’s most influential creators, memes, and music, has become a left-wing politicized fiasco.