The liberal media are ready to redefine social media platforms as something only they can use freely. Harvard Kennedy School’s Joan Donovan and Data and Society head Danah Boyd wrote in a white paper that tech companies were responsible for a “new wave of hate groups.”

Are there Coulrophobes at YouTube? Big Tech’s fear of clowns appears to be no laughing matter. A YouTuber known as the Video Lexicographer released an installment of his “Video Dictionary,” a channel where “we explore the language and the words we use every day.”

The most popular YouTuber on the platform is attempting to gain favor with the organization that wrote no company “has any obligation to support his wide dissemination of hate speech.” PewDiePie, whose real name is Felix Kjellberg, announced on September 10 that he will donate $50,000 to the Anti-Defamation League. Because of his previous dust-up with the ADL, subscribers and fans are skeptical. 

Another member of the intellectual dark web has jumped into the world of tech development to circumvent censorship. Dave Rubin, host of the popular podcast and YouTube show The Rubin Report, announced on September 3 that he was launching a beta for his new tech company. In addition, it was also announced Tuesday that his show would be joining The Blaze TV.

YouTube deplatformed tens of thousands of videos for being “hateful,” then defended its actions as “responsibility.” The blog post said the company balances the dual goals of that being “preserving free expression, while also protecting and promoting a vibrant community.” “Openness comes with its challenges,” the blog explained, adding that is “why we also have Community Guidelines that we update on an ongoing basis.” 

YouTube has been giving mixed messages about whether it is an open platform or not. The day after deplatforming multiple right-wing accounts, YouTube released a creator blog titled ”Preserving openness through responsibility.” It proclaimed itself  an open platform for diverse, even controversial, ideas. The next day, YouTube mysteriously reinstated some of these deplatformed channels, while leaving others offline.

When is the best time to pretend to be a neutral and open platform? Probably not after banning several accounts for content. YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki released a creator blog ”Preserving openness through responsibility” Tuesday August 27. She declared her commitment to the video sharing website being an “open” platform while also proclaiming a commitment to liberal values.

Forget education. Now academics are mad that free speech YouTubers are turning students against liberal brainwashing. The Verge wrote on August 21, “As misinformation and hate continues to radicalize young people online, teachers are also grappling with helping their students unlearn incorrect, dangerous information.” The professors and The Verge blamed YouTubers like Canadian Academic Jordan B. Peterson and The Post Millennial columnist Lindsay Shepherd for teaching the youth to think critically.

One conservative media outlet’s battle over free speech can shake up the country’s future. On Tuesday August 27, PragerU held a press conference after their hearing at the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals during the saga of their lawsuit against Google/Youtube. Prager is a popular conservative media outlet known for its academic but easy to understand videos which explain conservative ideas.  

A study from Cornell University claims YouTube channels that feature prominent conservative figures are “infecting” users with alt-right beliefs. “Auditing Radicalization Pathways on YouTube,” written by five academics, concluded that “channels in the Intellectual Dark Web (IDW) and the Alt-lite would be gateways to fringe far right ideology.” The study, released August 22, linked The Daily Wire founder Ben Shapiro, Dr. Jordan Peterson, comedian and host Joe Rogan, and host Dave Rubin to fringe racist figures like Richard Spencer and Jared Taylor.

Big Tech is preparing for a reckoning with justice in a court of law. PragerU, a conservative media outlet known for its academic videos that explain traditional values and beliefs, will argue its appeal in a federal court on August 27. After a court dismissed the case on March 28, 2018, the company filed an appeal with the Ninth Circuit Court against Google and its sister company, YouTube. PragerU accused Google of “targeting ideological differences and engaging in unlawful censorship and discrimination.” 

When a member of the “squad” gets called out for their anti-Semitic, anti-American statements, the liberal media quickly line up to defend the Democrat congresswomen. Yet when a Republican congressman was attacked for his military service by a progressive media commentator this week, it was promptly ignored by that same liberal media.