Sarah and James Brady decided to add their two cents to Vice President Dick Cheney's hunting accident on Sunday.

     James Brady, if you remember, was shot during an assassination attempt on President Ronald Reagan in 1981.  Brady remains in a wheelchair and paralyzed to this day.

The media is buzzing about Ramsey Clark going to Iraq to serve on the defense team of Saddam Hussein. Every article called Clark “the former US Attorney General” and played up his role in the administration of an American President. Reuters called Clark a “U.S. civil rights lawyer”. The BBC called Clark “an outspoken critic of the trial” and a “left wing activist”. The New York Times did make mention of Ramsey Clark’s penchant for “offering legal advice to toppled foreign leaders”. According to the AP, Clark was just a “consultant” on Milosevic’s trial.

Ramsey Clark is so much more than a “left wing activist” and “anti-war advocate”. Clark is a Saddam apologist who is responsible for an anti-American group masquerading as an anti-war protest organizer.

After Lyndon Johnson left office, Ramsey Clark became the poster boy for the far left. He began supporting anyone that was against America. Clark visited with Qaddafi after the US bombed Libya. He even represented the PLO in a lawsuit filed by the family of murdered American, Leon Klinghoffer.

Ted Rall, the far left editorial cartoonist and anti-American pundit, has used his cartoons to slander our soldiers again. Remember - Ted was the one that mocked the death of Pat Tillman in one of his little drawings. This time he has really gone too far and I am shocked that no one has called him out on it.

The lead story today is Rep. John Murtha's call for US troops to be pulled out of Iraq.  The media is trumpeting this as a huge blow to the Bush Administration since Murtha was one of the Democrat's "hawks".  According to the AP:

Shortly, the 2,000th death of an American serviceman or woman will occur in Iraq. That will generate an orgy of coverage in the American press on how “deadly” the war is. Sidebars will suggest that citizens are becoming “increasingly doubtful” about the conduct of the war. This Newsbusters article denounces that coverage as dishonest, in advance.

Little Green Footballs discovered another instance of an anti-Bush protestor putting on a show for the media and the media playing along. Compare this photo run on the AFP wire service today:

By now, Americans with even the most modest of attention spans know of the United Kingdom/>/>/>/>'s liberal version of CNN, the BBC.  An article written by the BBC's Washington/>/>/>/> reporter Matthew Davis stunningly highlights th

Ten years ago, Connie Chung, then of CBS News, tricked then-Speaker Newt Gingrich's mother, Kathleen Gingrich, into revealing the 5-letter epithet that her son called Hillary Clinton, by assuring Mrs. Gingrich that the disclosure was "just between you and me."