While the liberal media delights in bashing conservative celebrities, it’s telling to see how they treat those who simply remain silent. While Taylor Swift’s new music video is breaking records on YouTube, her critics are breaking down why they hate her (after all, haters are gonna hate). According to Vice’s Don Ozzi, Swift may have been the reason why Trump won. But not because she voted for him. She just didn’t say anything!

There seems to be no bar to the crazy this week in the aftermath of Charlottesville. While critics are screaming at Trump’s suggestion that, after the Confederate monuments the left may go after the Founding Fathers, the fine people over at Newsweek are actually considering it. Not insane enough? Vice wants to “Blow Up Mount Rushmore.”

One of the inviolable "truths" the Left holds dear is that voter fraud is a myth. But what if such fraud is a documentable threat to the integrity of our electoral process? No matter- as Newsweek’s Evan Thomas said after his role in promulgating the sham rape case against the Duke lacrosse team, “The narrative was right, but the facts were wrong."

Vice Media, a digital Website and broadcasting company that generates news on technology and related topics, removed two articles from its site on Wednesday, June 28, that supposedly discussed a behind-the-scenes tumult over the addition of an animatronic robot version of President Donald Trump in the “Hall of Presidents” attraction in the Disney World theme park in Orlando, Florida. 

After glorifying armpit-hair-dying women and transgendered teens, what taboo will the media try to break next? Bestiality, if Vice has any say in the matter. "I mean, what's so wrong about desiring a reindeer?" asks writer Mish Way in her article "Animal Urges: Woman and Bestiality."

Way admitted she was initially confounded at the idea of women having sex with animals. “Why would anyone want to have sex with anything other than a human being?” she asked. (To which the only sane response is “Why would anyone want to write about people who want to have sex with anything other than a human being?”). “Most people think it's biologically gross and morally wrong. That is where I stood when I started this research,” she stated. Way equated the taboo to being tantamount to pedophilia.

Green bullies are at it again, this time trying to shame museums into dropping conservative philanthropist David Koch and his money.   

A group of alarmist scientists wrote an open letter claiming museums like the Smithsonian’s Museums of Science and Natural History in Washington, D.C., and the American Museum of Natural History in New York City have compromised their “integrity” by accepting money from him.

In a Vice News interview posted on Monday, founder Shane Smith used the first of many softball questions to President Barack Obama to ask how does he “handle the controversies, the negativity” and whether or not he’s “a masochist.” With subjects ranging from global warming to political gridlock to marijuana legalization, Smith was far from a tough interviewer and allowed the President to, without any pushback and bash Republicans.

Shane Smith, CEO of the online news site Vice, has bought into the lefty claims of climate change as he alarmingly warned it's a "gun to our heads" and likened it to "nuclear war."

The journalist and co-founder of Vice came on Thursday's edition of PBS's Charlie Rose show to promote his partnership with HBO and told the CBS This Morning host he doesn't think there are "two-sides" to the climate change story. (video after the jump)