El congresista Joe Kennedy compareció en el semanario político Al Punto de la cadena Univision para ser presentado como un presidenciable en el 2020, y no perdió tiempo en mofarse de las reacciones de muchos de sus paisanos ante la tragedia.

U.S. Rep.Joe Kennedy came on Univision's Sunday political-affairs show Al Punto in order to be touted as a 2020 presidential candidate, and wasted no mocking the reactions of a significant portion of his fellow countrymen in the face of tragedy.

Throwing a big league wrench into the liberal media’s preferred narrative – a narrative explicitly designed to spur anti-Republican and anti-Trump votes among stateside Puerto Ricans –  President Trump and the Republican Congress included over $16 billion in recovery aid for Puerto Rico in the budget deal signed into law by the President on Feb. 9.

Univision anchor Jorge Ramos made yet another appearance on Anderson Cooper's AC360 - this time, to pontificate on a potential Trump deal on immigration, to lay down his own markers of what should make a deal, and to otherwise continue to push the talking-point driven racialist agenda that he passes off to his Univision viewers as journalism.

Univisión nos sigue mostrando que hará lo que sea para mantener la frontera porosa, algo tan medular a su modelo empresarial y de supervivencia a largo plazo, que ya ni se molesta en colocarle comillas a sus reclamos de que las propuestas actuales de política migratoria son racistas. Ahora simplemente repite tales aseveraciones como si fueran cuestión de hecho.

Today's story out of Miami occupies the sweet spot in the Venn diagram comprised of Univision's anti-Catholicism and its strident LGBTQ advocacy, far from the mainstream of the network's viewership. The network pulled off a neat trick- casting aspersions on longstanding religious freedom protections while slyly advocating for the proposed law that would destroy them.

Univision continues to show us that it will go to such lengths to preserve the porous border so central to its business model and continued survival, that it no longer even bothers to put quote marks around claims that current immigration policy proposals are racist. Now they just repeat such defamatory statements as fact.

Univision's latest report on the plight of displaced Puerto Ricans in Central Florida falls flat, in large part,  due to its transparently brazen effort to turn tragedy in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria into a political commodity.

Después de escuchar a los presentadores de Univisión, Jorge Ramos e Ilia Calderón, repetir como loros los puntos de discusión distribuidos por el CND (Comité Nacional Demócrata) a los medios liberales con el propósito de denigrar el discurso del presidente Trump sobre el estado de la Unión, uno no puede evitar preguntarse qué motiva la absurda determinación de pasar a su público por tonto. ¿Realmente creen que toda su audiencia vive en ´La La Landia´?

Oh irony of ironies. How beautiful you can be!

Less than a week after Univision smeared the Trump tax cuts, the owner of that broadcasting network, Haim Saban, has announced that he will be giving $1000 bonuses to his employees due to those same tax cuts. In fact, as we shall see, Saban very specifically credited those same tax cuts as the reason for the bonuses. To get a full appreciation of the irony involved let us first look at what a Univision anchor said about the Trump tax cuts as reported by the MRC Latino Staff on January 27 in Univision Smears Trump Tax Cuts:

After listening to Univision anchors Jorge Ramos and Ilia Calderón parrot DNC and leftist activist talking points distributed to the liberal media to disparage President Trump’s State of the Union speech, one can’t help but wonder what’s behind their incredible determination to continuing playing dumb to their audience. Do they really believe all their viewers live in La-La Land?

What on earth is wrong with people? Instead of celebrating an adoptive couple’s touching story, highlighted at the State of the Union, some media began a rumor that the parents coerced one mother to hand them her child. And, as they bashed the president for not saying more, they themselves left out key details.