On Thursday and Friday, all three broadcast networks eagerly joined Virginia Democrats in attempting to smear gun rights advocates in the commonwealth as violent, racist terrorists who were plotting “a rerun of the deadly Charlottesville protests.” Reporters seized on Governor Ralph Northam declaring a “state of emergency” ahead of a pro-Second Amendment rally at the statehouse in Richmond.

On Thursday, NBC’s Today show devoted a full segment to examining the popular “Ok, Boomer” meme on social media by talking to a group of teenagers and senior citizens about the generation gap. Amid other reasons for the divide, correspondents Savannah Sellers and Harry Smith touted climate change as a major cause of generational tension.

On Thursday, only NBC’s Today show provided a full report on the landmark trade deal President Trump signed with China on Wednesday. However, that coverage included a shocking claim that U.S. trade policy pursued by the Trump administration actually caused American farmers to commit suicide.

On Tuesday, NBC’s Today show finally began taking the subject of media bias seriously – at least when it comes to British tabloid coverage of their favorite royal couple, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. Lacking the slightest amount of self-awareness, hosts complained that the royals “weren’t covered fairly in the press” and subjected to a negative media “narrative” in the U.K.

Last Tuesday (January 7), it was announced that Covington Catholic High School student Nick Sandmann would settle his lawsuit with the Jeffrey Zucker-led CNN for an undisclosed amount after they tried to ruin his life last year. Luckily for CNN, they’ve all but ignored this on-air (save 29 seconds from Brian Stelter on Reliable Sources) and had help with blackouts from ABC, CBS, MSNBC, and NBC. In contrast, the Fox News Channel spent 12 minutes and 56 seconds on the settlement.

On Friday, Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders and Curb Your Enthusiasm star Larry David – who portrays the socialist senator on Saturday Night Live – were both booked on NBC’s Today show. Taking advantage of the situation, the broadcast arranged a brief comedy skit between their two guests in which David proclaimed that Sanders becoming president would “be great for the country, terrible for me.”

During an exclusive interview with Vermont senator and Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders on Friday’s Today show, co-host Savannah Guthrie actually worried that the self-avowed socialist was “too far left to win a general election.” While she never actually pressed him on the specifics of some of his radical policy proposals, the NBC anchor did channel Democratic Party fears over Sanders being their 2020 nominee.

During interviews with all three broadcast networks on Wednesday and Thursday, Vice President Mike Pence was confronted with hostile interrogations over the U.S. killing of Iranian terrorist Qasem Soleimani. In sharp contrast, NBC, ABC, and CBS have all treated Iran’s Foreign Minister and chief propagandist Mohammad Zarif to softball exchanges in which his anti-American pronouncements have largely gone unchallenged.

During NBC’s special coverage of President Trump’s speech on tensions with Iran on Wednesday, Meet the Press moderator Chuck Todd took time to scold the Commander in Chief for allegedly trying to “politicize” the address by calling out the Obama administration’s failed Iran policy. 

Appearing on the 3rd Hour Today show on Wednesday, NBC’s chief foreign correspondent Richard Engel fretted over the possibility that President Trump may “taunt” or “humiliate” Iran during an upcoming address to the nation and possibly spark “another cycle of violence.”

After claiming on Monday that the U.S. turned Qasem Soleimani “into a martyr, if not a saint,” on Tuesday’s Today show, NBC’s chief foreign correspondent Richard Engel touted a “large mural” of the Iranian terrorist being put up across from the U.S. embassy in Baghdad as a way of taunting American officials in the Iraqi capital.

Golden Globes host Ricky Gervais delivered a blistering, brutal attack on liberal Hollywood, Sunday night, bringing up awkward topics like covering for Harvey Weinstein. All three morning shows covered the Globes on Monday, but they allowed just seconds to the biting commentary that Gervais served up to the not-so-pleased crowd. CBS This Morning included just 7 seconds to playing the words the comedian actually said. NBC’s Today barely beat that, managing a meager 15 seconds of Gervais. Good Morning America offered the most, 47 seconds of the entertainer’s commentary.