The New York Times featured another jab at that reliable target of liberal media loathing, Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas. Reporters have been tittering at the thought of the fiscal conservative being obliged to change his tune to secure help for his home state of Texas, battered by Hurricane Harvey. NYT reporter Matt Flegenheimer took his turn in Saturday's “Trump and Harvey Push Cruz to Adjust His Style.” The online headline was slightly smarmy: “Ted Cruz 2.0? Senator Adjusts With Trump in Office and Houston Under Water.”

New York Times reporter Richard Fausset once again chided the "bizarre" conservative, anti-Washington sentiment of Texas after Hurricane Harvey, seeming to appreciate the red state being brought down a peg in his story for Tuesday’s front page, “After Proudly Defying Washington, Hard-Hit Texas Needs Its Aid.”

Was Ronald Reagan the original Washington wizard? Esquire’s Charles Pierce seems to think so. Pierce argued on Wednesday that in the 1980s, an ideological “spell…was cast” by the Gipper and his allies, and that as a result of various right-wing policies enacted since then, Harvey-related damage to the Houston area will be a lot worse than it should have been. “The spell…was cast 30 years ago, when conservative movement politics pitched deregulation as a panacea,” wrote Pierce. “It was cast 30 years ago when conservative movement politics declared that important decisions on things like the environment and public health were better left to the states, despite the fact that many states, like Texas, were unable or unwilling to pay to do these jobs properly.”

During an interview Friday afternoon with Texas Congressman John Culberson – who was calling in from his flooded out district while trying to help storm victims – MSNBC host Craig Melvin amazingly devoted half the segment to grilling the Republican on news that the President may rescind the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program for young illegal immigrants. The anchor even went so far as to label an end to the policy as a “catastrophe” on par with Hurricane Harvey.

After moving the goal posts on President Trump’s Hurricane Harvey response on Thursday, on Friday’s CBS This Morning, correspondent Major Garrett doubled down on his attack on the commander-in-chief’s visit to Texas. Noting Vice President Mike Pence touring the storm damage on Wednesday, Garrett sneered: “Mr. Trump was cheered, but kept his distance from suffering and devastation, while his Vice President did exactly the opposite.”

Showing the timeliness and sensitivity it’s renowned for, the political left is using the tragedy of Hurricane Harvey in Houston to excoriate it as an example of an untrammeled free market run amok, and suggests such laissez-faire policies made the damaging storm even more dangerous. The front page of Thursday’s New York Times featured Manny Fernandez and Richard Fausset's “A Limitless City, Now Envisioning New Limitations -- Progress, With a Price -- A History of Sprawl at Odds With the Forces of Nature.” From that liberal headline you know what's coming. Sure enough Fernandez, who finds Texans “ultraconservative” and shifting “further to the far right,” thinks Houston's free-market policies have doomed it to environmental danger.

During MSNBC’s 10 a.m. ET hour on Thursday, anchor Hallie Jackson attempted to draw on the expertise of former OSHA Deputy Assistant Secretary Jordan Barab following explosions at a chemical plant in Crosby, Texas due to flooding from Hurricane Harvey. However, the partisan Obama official made it clear he was only interested in one thing – exploiting the crisis to gratuitously attack the Trump administration.  

In an unbelievably classless move, Politico tweeted the latest political cartoon from illustrator Matt Wuerker that actually mocked Texas victims of Hurricane Harvey, portraying them as Confederate sympathizers who want to secede from the United States.

On Wednesday, MSNBC’s Morning Joe wasted no time trashing President Trump’s visit to Texas in the wake of Hurricane Harvey. Co-host Mika Brzezinski repeatedly suggested there was “something wrong with” Trump as pundits ganged up to accuse the President of not showing sufficient empathy toward victims of the disaster.

The front page of Wednesday’s New York Times was properly dominated by the damage Hurricane Harvey is wreaking in Texas. But reporters Simon Romero and Miriam Jordan took advantage of the tragedy to press the paper’s amnesty agenda in “An Uneasy Time for Immigrants, And Then the Rain Began to Fall.” Hinting headline aside, the Border Patrol was not conducting routine enforcement in shelters. But the reporters let the accusation linger. For the Times, the story is not so much about the danger posed of the hurricane as the imagined danger to illegal immigrants posed by the U.S. Border Patrol, even those patrol members sent in to help the relief effort.

While there have been only a smattering of climate change references since Hurricane Harvey took over news cycles, CNN and MSNBC featured more shameful exploitations of the hurricane on Monday to promote climate change as thousands were in need of help from rising flood waters.

In an interview with Texas Governor Greg Abbott on Friday about the state’s preparations for Hurricane Harvey, MSNBC anchor Stephanie Ruhle outrageously attempted to inject her liberal politics into the discussion as she asked: “How about risk of deportation for those undocumented immigrants that could be in the way of the storm’s path? Are they in the clear to go to some of these evacuation centers? Do they have to show ID?”