Small business owners often complain about being “choked” by ever-increasing mandated benefits, but rarely do you see their complaints presented in a clear and compelling way. An exception took place during coverage of the very latest mandated benefit in California: sick leave for part-time employees, which just took effect this month. 

“Días cruciales en la historia de EE.UU.” fue el titular presentado por Telemundo, filial de NBC y MSNBC, en su noticiero nacional estelar que se convirtió, virtualmente, en un tributo al “legado de cambio social” del presidente Obama.

“Crucial days in the history of the United States” was how Telemundo, the Spanish-language sister network of NBC and MSNBC, titled a recent evening news feature that turned out to be a virtual tribute to President Obama’s “legacy of social change.”

On Friday, ABC's World News Tonight aired a completely one-sided report on the Supreme Court's ruling that legalized same-sex "marriage" in all 50 states. Terry Moran hyped how Justice Anthony Kennedy "wrote today's landmark opinion describing the stakes in this case in the loftiest terms." Moran failed to include any soundbites from social conservative opponents of the decision, and hyped how "Justice Scalia, in a rage, scorning Kennedy's poetic opinion as little more than a 'fortune cookie.'"

Presidential candidate Donald Trump is like the guy who takes out a Latin woman, showers her with compliments, and then calls her younger brother a pothead loser.

The recent agreement between the California state legislature and Governor Jerry Brown to open the state’s public healthcare program to children who are in the United States illegally received widespread praise on the principal national newscasts of Univision, Telemundo and MundoFox.

While Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal became the 13th Republican on Wednesday to join the 2016 Republican presidential field, the top English and Spanish-language network evening newscasts all but dodged Jindal’s decision by providing a total of 54 seconds across English networks ABC, CBS, and NBC. As for the Spanish-language networks, MundoFox and Telemundo ignored Jindal’s announcement completely while Univision aired an 18-second news brief.

El reciente acuerdo entre la legislatura y el gobernador Jerry Brown (D) de California, para ofrecer acceso al sistema estatal de salud pública a los infantes que se encuentran ilegalmente en los Estados Unidos, fue celebrado ampliamente en los principales noticieros nacionales de Univisión, Telemundo y MundoFox.

Unlike CBS, NBC and ABC evening news, in its coverage of the latest Confederate flag controversy Univision, the nation’s top Spanish-language network, has pointed out Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s checkered past in relation to the rebel emblem.

A diferencia de los noticieros nacionales estelares de CBS, NBC y ABC, la cobertura de la controversia sobre la bandera confederada en Univisión, el mayor canal de habla española, destacó la inconsistencia de la candidata presidencial demócrata Hillary Clinton en relación con el emblema rebelde.

If one thing can be counted on since Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) announced his presidential campaign, it’s that the nation’s top Spanish-language networks will give more coverage to the pro-amnesty protesters stalking the Senator’s campaign and interrupting his speeches than to the substance of what is happening and what Rubio is actually saying at those events. 

Si el algo puede darse por sentado desde que el senador Marco Rubio (R-FL) anunció su candidatura presidencial, es que la mayores cadenas de habla hispana dedicarán más tiempo en el aire a manifestantes pro-amnistía, acosando a Rubio e interrumpiendo sus discursos, que al contenido noticioso de lo que está sucediendo y a lo que Senador está diciendo en estos eventos.