Rather than visiting President Donald Trump Monday at the White House, the World Series Champion Washington Nationals should have stuck to sports. They should have known the fans who jeered the president at World Series Game 5 would be harmed. The Trump-supportive actions of Kurt Suzuki and Ryan Zimmerman shredded the Nationals' generation of goodwill and harmed those who oppose this president. These are the negative reactions of WTOP FM sports editor Noah Frank, in his story, "Maybe the National should have stuck to sports."

The loony Left puts another dent in American culture. On Long Island, a goofy concoction known as the "lopsided score committee" suspended a high school football coach who recently directed his team to a victory exceeding Big Brother's allowable 42 points! Just another day at the office for ridiculous regressives.

One clearly does not need to be in the concussion protocol to demonstrate how utterly foggy their minds are about things that matter. Take Christie Aschwanden, a writer for Wired, whose grasp of the controversy surrounding transgenders in sports defies explanation. She raves about the success of males in women's sports and promotes a handicap system that would use an algorithm to account for physiological, social and socioeconomic considerations to even the playing field among genders.

The District of Columbia gave Donald Trump just 12,723 votes (4.1 percent) in the 2016 presidential election and an arctic cold reception Sunday night at the World Series. The media echo chamber reported he was booed and treated to a "lock him up" chant at Game 5 in Nationals Park.

The ongoing World Series is shedding a bright light on the Washington Nationals' devotion to the LGBTQ rainbow nation. Compared to the Houston Astros, who ''do nothing'' to appease LGBTQ pressure groups, the Nationals are A-OK, writes Jim Buzinski on SB Nation's Outsports LGBT blog.

What? Making Colin Kaepernick the face of a mega-campaign in 2018 wasn't spiking the ball for social justice sufficient for Nike? The ever-outrageous, loose soccer cannon Megan Rapinoe is now the latest radical campaign face for the far Left Swoosh. Headquartered on the Left Coast, Nike's certainly become the torch-bearer for America's most notorious athletes.

There's no need for African American NBA players to stand with Hong Kong, not when America has far greater flaws, wrote The Shadow League blogger Carron J. Phillips. It's not their responsibility to save the world, especially a problem created by a white man, he argued. Instead, they should focus on overcoming white privilege and police brutality in America. 

By refusing to stand up for the freedom of Hong Kong against China's oppressive government, LeBron James experienced the "most disgraceful moment" of his career, says the USA Today. Other media joined in the beat-down of the Lakers' superstar, but some excused James' words by turning their venom on America.

Earlier this week, Newsbusters' Gabriel Hays exposed Golden State Warriors' woke coach Steve Kerr for saying nothing about China's brutal crackdown on freedom-seeking Hong Kong citizens. "If only he would be as circumspect when gun control or Donald Trump are at issue,'' Hays wrote. No sooner said than done. In a Thursday press conference, Kerr gave China another pass, ridiculed President Trump and condemned America for abuses and gun violence.

The NBA sure talks a good game about free speech rights ― out of one side of its collective mouth. Amidst China's seething anger over Houston general manager Daryl Morey expressing support for freedom in Hong Kong, NBA commissioner Adam Silver mildly defended the American's free speech rights. But on Tuesday night, two fans were ejected from an NBA exhibition game in Philadelphia for peacefully protesting against China. Talk about inconsistency.

It seems traditional American, pro-democratic values may be less important to the NBA than its Chinese revenue. Distancing itself from Houston Rockets General Manager Daryl Morey over his support for Hong Kong in its battle against the authoritarian Chinese state was apparently the league’s latest smart money move.

Everlast, the company name you see so often on boxing gloves, is throwing a big punch for transgender athletes. The 119-year-old fitness company has selected trans boxer Patricio Manuel as the face of its "Be First" campaign. Everlast and Manuel are getting very good press from Newsweek, CNN and CNBC.