Running off his mouth about "lawful lynching" in the U.S., Colin Kaepernick (center in photograph) may have hammered several more nails into the "coffin" of his NFL career. But in accepting Amnesty International's Ambassador of Conscience Awardit's highest award—in Amsterdam last night, he thrilled his adoring media base.

What would "Jackie Robinson Day" in Major League Baseball be without a race-related media uproar by lefties in the press box? On today's 71st anniversary of the breaking of baseball's color barrier by Robinson, left-stream sports writers are throwing hissy-fits because the Cleveland Indians tried to sell baseball hats honoring Robinson and featuring the Chief Wahoo logo that will be banished to baseball's happy hunting grounds after this season.

Today the national champion Alabama Crimson Tide football team visited the White House, providing no shortage of snark from media tripping over each other to remind people of the championship teams that, for political reasons, did not celebrate with President Donald Trump.

There must be heavy London fog obscuring one Brit blogger's view of the ways things are in the National Football League. James Moore, a blogger for the UK's Independent, views the NFL as "Not For Liberals." That's news to us Yanks, who've just seen the league shell out $89 million for social justice causes and watched this liberal league headed by a very liberal commissioner threaten to withdraw the Super Bowl from states legislating for stronger religious freedom laws.

With glowing media coverage of their efforts, professional athletes in Philadelphia are pushing for the release of gangsta rapper and prison inmate Meek Mill (photographed at 76ers' game with Nicki Minaj in 2016). Today Bleacher Report and TMZ both called attention to the NBA's Philadelphia 76ers visiting Mill in prison because they believe he's being treated so unfairly by the law. During the past football season, the Super Bowl champion Eagles also made Mill's release a major priority.

In early March, Tim Graham at NewsBusters noted that CNN's February audience fell by 19 percent from February 2017. Full first-quarter cable TV ratings released this week show serious year-over-year declines not only at CNN, but also at ESPN, which has continued to push politically correct causes. Perhaps CNN's Jeffrey Tucker should consider the shortcomings in his network's programming instead of immaturely tagging Fox News, which remained in first place by a significant margin, as "state-run TV."

A Houston grand jury recently indicted pro football player Michael Bennett on the charge of injuring an elderly woman, and his social justice warrior friends in the media have their long knives out for the police. Dave Zirin, who co-wrote a book ("Things That Make White People Uncomfortable") with Bennett, to be released tomorrow, charges the arrest was timed with the release of the book. Described by Town Hall Seattle as a "feminist," Bennett surrendered to Houston police last week and was released on $10,000 bail.

How rich is this? The NFL just got fleeced for $89 million by a group of social justice warriors who want to use that money for -- can you believe this? -- prison reform and education reform. With their notorious arrest records and underwhelming academic achievement, these guys should not be allowed within a light-year of the justice and education systems!

Kermit Davis hasn't even coached a basketball game at Ole Miss yet, but liberal media are already crying foul against the new coach of the school that flies the Confederate flag. Evan Grossman of the New York Daily News freaked out because Davis (in photograph) said his players will respect the flag and the national anthem, and Jemele Hill did what she does best -- take to Twitter to call people racists. USA Today condemned Davis for
"forced patriotism."

RESTON, VA -- Media Research Center (MRC) founder and President Brent Bozell released a statement on Tuesday in response to a new poll finding the overwhelming majority of Americans want their sports and entertainment to be free of politics.

ESPN isn’t just dying the death of a thousand chord cuts. Ratings for the Oscars aren’t down simply because the Academy keeps nominating movies nobody has seen. And it wasn’t just a disappointing U.S. medal haul or NBC’s amateurish broadcast that drove Winter Olympics viewership down 24% compared to Sochi among viewers aged 18-49.

College basketball players from Michigan, California, LSU and other schools took an all-expenses paid trip to Hawaii to roam the beaches and play in the 2017 Maui Classic, while the University of Georgia and Oklahoma football teams got wined and dined at this year's Rose Bowl. They are merely slaves enduring a racist system that won't pay them, says basketball Hall of Famer Spencer Haywood (in photo). He was given a large internet forum to advocate for socialism and a redistribution of wealth by Sean Deveney of The Sporting News.