Saturday marked the 500th day of Colin Kaepernick's absence from the NFL. His close personal friend Shaun King (appearing in photo) called the refusal of teams to sign him the biggest injustice to an athlete in his lifetime. King, all of 38 years young, formerly wrote about social justice for the New York Daily News, but is now focusing on civil and human rights, racial justice, mass incarceration and law enforcement misconduct on The Intercept blog. In short, he's a shill for Kaepernick.

Colin Kaepernick may never play in the NFL again and Jemele Hill may never host Sports Center again, but both have ridden atrocious behavior to the lofty acclaim of media libs. The New York Daily News' Spencer Dukoff and Hill noted that Kaepernick has etched his place in history and a place in the Smithsonian, while Hill will soon be sharing a stage with Hillary Rodham Clinton and other liberal elites.

Progressives from Berkeley to Bristol would rather shut down a debate than stomach opposition views. Fascists at California and other universities have perfected the strategy of shutting down free speech. No longer willing to endure conservative opposition to its progressive social and political posts, has just joined the club by shutting down its comments section.

A University of Texas poll shows the NFL losing a crucial base of support in football-crazy Texas, but the protest-supporting media has so far shown no interest in covering the story. Nearly half the state’s registered voters view the NFL unfavorably, according to a poll conducted by the University of Texas/Texas Tribune, "a nonprofit, nonpartisan news organization."

In a Daily Wire interview with Ben Shapiro, Fox Sports 1's Jason Whitlock said pro football pariah Colin Kaepernick has adopted a flawed political strategy of kneeling for the national anthem to raise awareness for police brutality. The former quarterback of the San Francisco 49ers remains an unwanted free agent at a time when the NFL has put an end to on-field protests of the national anthem.

Warped Orwellian media are demanding that former NBA great and current TNT basketball commentator Kevin McHale (at left in photo) lose his job because he attended President Donald Trump's rally in Duluth, Minn., this week. That's right: if you're a Trump supporter, you should not be allowed to work in media!

Face it, white men: you’re at the bottom of the hiring totem pole in this crazy age of social engineering, political correctness run amok and affirmative action. Somebody had to pay the price for past prejudices and, according to would-be social engineers, you drew the shortest straw. Poor white guy Ed Werder, laid off in 2017 after 19 years as an award-winning reporter at ESPN, is now the poster boy for the odd-gender out. He's getting royally harpooned on the internet for suggesting Sports Illustrated hire the best candidate for an open writing job rather than rejecting male applicants.

On Friday's Speak for Yourself TV sports talk program on Fox Sports 1, co-host Jason Whitlock characterized NFL Players' Association executive director DeMaurice Smith as a "foolish looter burning down his own neighborhood" and demanded his firing. The NFLPA has reportedly hired several lawyers to fight the league's new policy requiring players to respect the national anthem or remain in the clubhouse.

Sports fans are holding all 62 cowardly teams in Major League Baseball and the National Football League hostage, leading to the "blacklisting" of disfavored athletes, writes Minneapolis Star-Tribune sports columnist Patrick Reusse. He also implies that fans who are disenchanted with controversial athletes have no right to play the "I'm offended" card.

A day after the Super Bowl champion Philadelphia Eagles' planned visit to the White House fell through, Tyler Tynes wrote an SBNation rant disparaging President Donald Trump as a white supremacist who is threatened by black athletes.

Pro-tip for pro-athletes. If you win the championship, its courageous and patriotic to skip the White House visit. Unless you were invited by a liberal Democratic POTUS. Then, you’re selfish and rude and, if you previously had a “boy-next-door image,” you’ve trashed it.

Sharply swerving out of his lane today, Sports ("and Politics") Illustrated football writer Robert Klemko ventured into White House politics and accused President Donald Trump of criticizing the NFL to distract attention away from FBI investigations of his administration.