President Donald Trump's appearance at Monday's national championship college football game in New Orleans was a safe political move that came during a turbulent time in his presidency, reports Yahoo! Sports writer Pete Thamel. An MSNBC source suggested the president used the appearance in a Red state to distract attention from the impeachment and cozy up to his political supporters. 

Only one man of color got a head coaching job in the NFL's recent round of hires, proving to The Undefeated's senior NFL writer that the league has a "white is right" mentality. Furthermore, Jason Reid writes that league owners could not care less about inclusive hiring.

The recent hiring of three white NFL head coaches has led to an outbreak of complaints by minority media, notably panelists on ESPN's First Take program and Roland Martin of Unfiltered: The Daily Digital Show. In their complaints against African Americans not getting any of these head coaching jobs, the media called for various levels of controls and legal means to stop the NFL for what Martin calls blatant "whiteness."

Golden State Warriors head coach, Steve Kerr, has found his voice yet again to speak out on another political issue and against the possibility of another war breaking out in Iran. Kerr made news on Friday by replying to an article written by The Week. The article highlighted an apparent flaw made by Vice President Mike Pence when listing 10 of the largest “atrocities” committed by Iranian General Qasem Soleimani that contributed to President Trump’s decision to call a drone strike.

It's a big, wacky and extremely wide world of sports as seen through the bizarre lens of SB Nation Outsports. It's also an expanding world, as Outsports just recognized its first-ever "Non-Binary Person of the Year": Dominique "SonicFox" McLean, a esports superstar and also a "furry." Not to mention the Republicans' worst friend.

Nike's progressivism has reared its ugly head again with a new LeBron James television commercial calling for an end to humble beginnings. USA Today is raving about it is as an incredible and entertaining ad. On the other hand, Fox Sports 1 Speak For Yourself host Jason Whitlock says it's a destructive Marxist utopian message that discounts the importance of the nuclear family.

Liberty University, the school the Left loves to hate on, won their first bowl game ever Saturday. School founder Jerry Falwell Sr. once envisioned this program rivaling Alabama's and Notre Dame's, and while the Flames have a long way to go to reach that point, they were prime for a torching the day before facing Georgia Southern, by Jordan Ritter Conn, a blogger for The Ringer.


Youngest player to ever win the Heisman trophy. Youngest player in NFL history with multiple five passing touchdown games. Most rushing yards in a season for an NFL quarterback. First player to ever rush for 1,000 yards in a season while also throwing 30 touchdowns. The MVP front-runner. Not to mention, follower of God.

Army cadets and Navy midshipmen were emboldened Saturday to display white power hand signs because President Donald Trump was present and wearing his MAGA hat at the football rivalry game in Philadelphia. Also 16 African American female cadets were justified in their black power salutes three years ago because they had to endure what previously happened in Ferguson and to Trayvon Martin. So says Carron J. Phillips, race writer for The Shadow League blog.

The combined enrollment of the U.S. Naval and Army academies is nearly 9,000, but after the annual football rivalry game between the two rivals in Philadelphia Saturday, media are obsessed with three of them for supposedly making racist hand gestures at the game.

ESPN First Take yell man Stephen A. Smith is under fire for making a mockery of journalism ethics. On Friday, The Root writer Stephen A. Crockett Jr. joined in with Jemele Hill's Twitter criticisms of Smith for secretly working with Jay-Z to arrange last month's failed NFL workout for Colin Kaepernick. Crockett and Hill, a writer for The Atlantic, are giving Smith no mercy.

“Wake up, kick ass, repeat.” This is a slogan hand-painted on a sign in a redshirt-sophomore’s bedroom; three simple lines that have inspired millions across the country. Thursday, Casey O’Brien received the “Disney Spirit Award” at the College Football Awards ceremony in Atlanta, aired on ESPN.