She lost what most had considered a guaranteed nomination in 2008. In 2016 she spent twice as much as Donald Trump on her campaign, was endorsed by almost every newspaper in the country, and had a solid wall of full support from the mainstream media which constantly recited that Trump had "no path to 270." And yet HIllary Clinton lost the election. So what conclusion would you draw? Well, if you are Salon writer Matthew Rozsa you would conclude that Hillary should run again in 2020.

Rozsa gives us four, count them...four, reasons which could substitute as laugh lines as to why Hillary should turn herself into the Democrat party version of Harold Staasen and run for president once again. He presented his comedy routine on November 24 in The case for Hillary Clinton 2020:

The media love to push sexuality onto audiences, using entertainment to make it seem attractive. But what if those in entertainment don’t want to play into a progressive narrative?

Over the weekend, liberal online magazine Salon put out a highly mockable list of their top “25 Conservatives Actually Worth Following on Twitter.” The story made a splash on social media, because it seemed Salon’s only criteria for being a “worthy conservative” is that you had to be an outspoken “Never-Trumper” and a frequent, fierce critic of the right. 

One of the reasons we call liberals the alt-left is their opposition to anything traditional or normal -- like free speech, patriotism or marriage. Marriage has been a particular target of the left for many years. Forget the campaign for gay marriage. The left hates the institution, but it’s easier to wreck it from within than without. As The Establishment puts it, “marriage sits at the red-hot heart of our, ahem, white supremacist, capitalist patriarchy.”

Liberals who can’t win at the ballot box, turn to lawyers to push their agenda. And guns are no exception. The alt-left has always been the Sue Tribe, they’ve just gotten worse over time.

In the aftermath of the horrendous shooting in Las Vegas, the left has turned to an old standby, gun control. Only gone is their facade about guns. Now they want to take them, ban them or sue to shut down the companies that make them.

Earlier this month, I wrote an op-ed for The Hill where I argued that Republicans should support President Trump and follow his electoral formula, or “die” — i.e., face extinction as a party.  The piece had an obvious target audience — establishment Republicans — with an obvious goal in mind — to get wishy-washy GOP elected officials on board with the President’s agenda.

Artists are more than willing to jump on the political train to make a buck these days. Trump, presidents, politics, these are all dollar signs to singers and actors alike. After a long hiatus spend dabbling in Haitian politics, singer and rapper Wyclef Jean made a return to the stage to sing once again. Only this time, it was the Salon stage, and this time, he sang a song called “If I Was President.” The lyrics started with “Donald Trump” and several references to American politics.

LGBT activists love bashing and hating the other side, ironically  for the sake of ‘“love.” On August 29, according to USA Today, over 150 evangelical leaders signed a statement, outlined by the Council on Biblical Manhood and Womanhood, which affirmed that “homosexual immorality” and approval of it is “sinful.” The signers included Tony Perkins, president of the Family Research Council, as well as other members of President Trump’s evangelical advisory board.


On Sunday, Salon's Jefferson Morley contended that the United States adopted the "Star Spangled Banner" as its national anthem due to an ascendant "neo-Confederate spirit" during the decades after the Civil War. Morley played up that "observing Memorial Day and singing 'The Star-Spangled Banner' are uncontroversial patriotic gestures, yet there is no disputing that neo-Confederates developed these rituals."

Writer Eric Alterman presents the relationship between President Trump and journalists as if it were a plot from a horror movie, and the audience knows what’s going to happen before the victim does. In Alterman’s view, the “racist, sexist, Islamophobic psychopath” Trump threatens the mainstream media, but reporters and editors are oblivious to the danger “not only to their livelihoods, but to their entire reason for being.”

Considering the state of world affairs, what is the most significant threat currently confronting mankind? According to author Fiona Helmsley, it’s the threat of “male fragility, and men just not being able to process their feelings of insecurity, their feelings of anger.”

The term “genocide” conjures images of World War II concentration camps, Soviet Gulags, gulags, the violence and rioting in 1994 Rwanda or the ISIS purging of Syrian and Iraqi Christians. But Salon contributors Max Pensky and Nadia Rubaii believe “genocidal violence can happen in the U.S. It has happened.” So what should individuals do? Look to the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) for guidance, of course!