ABC’s Good Morning America spent two-and-a-half minutes on Thursday morning whacking HHS Secretary Tom Price’s use of private planes for travel last week, with the apparently horrifying price tag “in the tens of thousands of dollars.” But during the Obama years, GMA had no problem with then-First Lady Michelle Obama spending in excess of $200,000 to travel to Spain for a vacation with her daughters. At the time, commentator Cokie Roberts rationalized: “In the grand scheme of things, what real difference does it make? I would guess that Sasha is probably learning some Spanish. Maybe she learned  a little more Spanish on her trip.”

Liberals and Democrats in the “mainstream media” spend most of their time criticizing Republican President Donald Trump, but that doesn’t mean they won’t hammer away at each other if they feel they’ve been slighted, even at an event aimed at the political left. That was the case on Thursday when New York Times reporter Sopan Deb tweeted a complaint that almost all of the speakers at Politico's Pro Policy Summit in Washington, D.C., that day contained “a pretty startling lack of minorities.”

Ben Smith, editor-in-chief of the extremely liberal Buzzfeed website, is apparently of two minds when it comes to journalists reporting the news and being involved in actively generating their own headlines. In an article posted on Monday, September 4, Smith stated that President Donald Trump “has adopted pretty much the worst possible strategy for someone trying to wield the power of the most powerful job in the world: He’s shooting the hostages.”

Ah! Life is good. Just luxuriating poolside in a tropical setting at a four star resort while sipping on an endless supply of mai tais while munching on cerviche. All that is required is to listen to a five hour pitch. Not for time share condos. Instead this pitch is made to journalists about how and why the Electoral College can be bypassed. 

This revelation about how an obviously well-funded group called the Institute for Research on Presidential Elections is providing vacations for journalists comes to us via reporter Tim Alberta of Politico Magazine.  Alberta relayed the posh pitch in "Is the Electoral College Doomed?"

The nation’s eyes are fixated on dramatic flooding in Houston after Hurricane Harvey, where the death toll (so far) is thankfully small compared to flooding in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina in 2005. The government response on all levels seems to be fairly effective, and unlike Katrina, the press coverage hasn't been dominated by accusations of racism or inhumanity in the rescue effort.

There’s one obvious exception: cartoonists for the Left.

Early on Friday, Politico's Josh Meyer reported that the Department of Homeland Security had formally classified the activities of the left-wing and anarchist-driven movement known as "antifa" as "domestic terrorist violence" — in April 2016. Yes, during the Obama administration, which chose to keep this assessment hidden. In other words, DHS privately acknowledged for well over a year that antifas are terrorists, while publicly obsessing ad nauseam for years about alleged "right-wing" terrorist threats and virtually pretending that Islamic-driven terrorism doesn't exist. As of late Friday evening, the Associated Press and the New York Times had not deemed this shocking news worthy of mention.

In an unbelievably classless move, Politico tweeted the latest political cartoon from illustrator Matt Wuerker that actually mocked Texas victims of Hurricane Harvey, portraying them as Confederate sympathizers who want to secede from the United States.

Journalism’s temple to its own self importance, the Newseum in Washington D.C., is on a “death watch,” according to the Washington Post. The 250,000 square foot museum is in such bad shape that even Politico thinks it “deserves to die.”

On Tuesday, Politico and writer Annie Karni provided the latest installment of why people hate the media as she published a story entitled “Melania's stiletto sideshow,” symbolizing the media’s hissy fit when First Lady Melania Trump wore stilettos upon leaving Washington for the hurricane-ravaged Texas.

Although the liberal media is purposely avoiding the fact that the Trump-Russia collusion investigation is, as CNN's Van Jones noted in a candid moment, a big "nothing burger" most of the public has already reached that conclusion. Thus far Bob Mueller and his team of Democrat-donating investigators have only come up with a quickie inconclusive 20 minute meeting between Donald Trump, Jr. and a Russian lawyer. Hardly time for "collusion." This might explain why they are now on a fishing expedition for matters completely unrelated to Russia.

Politico accused Stephen Miller in a new article of being a Soviet anti-Semite following his exchange with Jim Acosta on Wednesday. Entitled “The Ugly History of Stephen Miller’s ‘Cosmopolitan’ Epithet,” Jeff Greenfield goes on to explain how ‘cosmopolitan’ was originally a term used by Josef Stalin that served as an excuse “to purge the culture of dissident voices.” This accusation is particularly ironic given the fact that Stephen Miller is, in fact, Jewish.

ABC’s Good Morning America and NBC’s Today continued on Wednesday morning the liberal media’s attempts to help Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz (Fl.) cover up the scandal involving now-fired I.T. staffer Imran Awan after his arrested Monday when he tried to flee the country.