CNN's Piers Morgan on Monday did the first interview with Herman Cain's accuser, but failed to ask Sharon Bialek - who was in the company of her liberal activist attorney Gloria Allred - any questions about her two bankruptcies, the paternity lawsuit her former husband filed against her shortly after their child was born, or exactly why she was terminated by the National Restaurant Association a month before the alleged actions by Cain took place.

Maybe Morgan missed this report by ABC's Chicago affiliate Monday (video follows with partial transcript and commentary):

Not only isn't Donald Trump giving up on President Obama's place of birth, he also thinks this issue is a good one for Republican presidential candidate Rick Perry.

So said the real estate tycoon in an interview with Piers Morgan to be aired on CNN Thursday evening (video follows with transcript):

Leftist filmmaker Michael Moore dismissed the accusation that some Wall Street protests have grown violent, telling CNN's Piers Morgan on Tuesday that the "Occupy" protesters are, in fact, "a nonviolent peaceful group" and the real rioters are the police.

"There's no violence coming from the 'Occupy' protesters," Moore insisted. "What we've – what we've seen across the country are a series of police riots, where the police are rioting, where the police have gotten violent."

Schlockumentary filmmaker Michael Moore is so hell-bent on being a leader of the Occupy Wall Street movement that he's willing to lie about his wealth on national television.

Appearing for the second time this month on CNN's Piers Morgan Tonight Tuesday, Moore dishonestly pushed back on any suggestion that he's part of the top one percent in this nation who are millionaires (video follows with transcript and commentary):