El gobierno de Trump está en vías de ponerle fin a la acostumbrada práctica conocida como "captura y liberación" de unidades familiares que cruzan la frontera de Estados Unidos sin autorización, cambio que los medios liberales tales como Estrella TV presentan en la peor luz posible.

Trump administration plans to finally put an end to the ‘catch and release’ of family units (adults and minors) who cross the U.S. border together without authorization is being portrayed in the worst posible light by liberal media outlets, like Los Angeles-based Estrella TV.

Las noticias nocturnas en las redes hispanas del pasado viernes y sábado reportaron de todo menos buenas nuevas, específicamente el auge histórico que está experimentando la economía de Estados Unidos. Tanto Univisión, como Estrella TV y Azteca América optaron por concentrarse en los acostumbrados ataques a Trump dejando sus audiencias a oscuras sobre el provechoso informe de empleo emitido por el Departamento de Trabajo el viernes, 7 de septiembre de 2018.

Friday and Saturday evening news reports on the nation’s Hispanic networks were about everything but good news – specifically information relating to the booming United States economy - as Univision, Estrella TV and Azteca América chose to continue on a Trump-bashing binge while purposely keeping their audiences in the dark about the blockbuster jobs report issued by the U.S. Department of Labor on Friday, September 7, 2018.

The Trump administration’s winning record on Hispanic unemployment finally received a long overdue nod of recognition from top national Spanish-language media outlets Univision and CNN en Español. As unemployment among the nation’s largest minority group fell for the second consecutive, record-setting month, both Univision and CNN en Español trumpeted the news in their principal national evening news programs.

Olvídese de Hitler, Pol Pot o Genghis Khan, por nombrar solo algunos de los principales contendientes por el título. Después de la más reciente reunión entre el presidente Trump y el presidente de Rusia Vladimir Putin, la presentadora Adriana Yañez, de Estrella TV, abrió el noticiero nacional de su cadena con la declaración de que Donald Trump se lleva el título del “peor mandatario en la historia".

Move over Hitler, Pol Pot, or Genghis Khan, to name just a few prime contenders for the title. Following President Trump’s latest meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin, anchor Adriana Yañez of Estrella TV opened her network’s national evening news by telling viewers that it is President Trump who is “the worst ruler in history.”

On the morning of July 6, the U.S. Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics announced that Hispanic unemployment in the United States had reached its lowest level, 4.6%, in the 45 years since the agency first started keeping records on the statistic, back in 1973. One would think such a historic achievement would be news that night on the nation’s leading Spanish-language television news programs, but that was not the case.

Coverage of the “Abolish ICE” protesters who oppose the Trump administration’s zero tolerance policy against illegal immigration has reached a fever pitch on the nation’s top Spanish-language media outlets.

When it comes to baking in dubious, over-the-top editorial lines into the news, Los Angeles-based Spanish-language network Estrella TV consistently takes the cake. The latest example took place in an Estrella report on the political panorama for this November’s mid-term elections.

With the obvious purpose of striking terror into its viewers, Estrella TV characterized President Trump’s announcement launching the National Vetting Center, an initiative designed to improve how different federal agencies work together in vetting foreigners seeking to enter the country, as a new White House office “in charge of hunting immigrants.”

President Trump’s desire to celebrate a massive national event, comparable to the annual French Bastille Day military parade, to showcase and honor the Armed Forces of the United States has been pounced upon by the liberal media as a perfect opportunity to portray Trump as a budding tyrant.