The shock waves on Katie Couric's attack on Ave Maria University and its dangerous Catholic culture with its "segregation," its "intolerance," its disrespect for "civil liberties" are spreading. Myrna Blyth picks it up today on National Review, noting the same Katie who whacked the founder of Domino's Pizza as a menace wrote get-cozy notes to the Unabomber to score an interview.

Call me overly suspicious, but the story of 16-year-old Farris Hassan traveling to Iraq on a whim strikes me as unbelievable. The Florida teen of Iraqi descent was all over the news in December when he apparently took off without telling his family and headed to Iraq to see what all the fuss was about. Hassan was able to finance his plane ticket to Kuwait with money he earned trading stocks on the Internet.

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In "Bushies Feeling the Boss' Wrath" Thomas M. DeFrank, the New York Daily News Washington bureau chief portrays President Bush as "frustrated, sometimes angry, and even bitter" of late.

From today's (Tue. Aug. 9, 2005) New York Daily News, in an article by Greg B. Smith and Helen Kennedy:

"During her husband's trial, evidence emerged that linked Jeanine Pirro to her husband's dubious tax practices ... But the far more notorious womanizing was done by Bill Clinton, who was nearly impeached for lying about his relationships with Paula Jones and Monica Lewinsky." (emphasis mine)