In the second term of President George W. Bush, former CIA agent Valerie Plame was the darling of the anti-war Left, including the liberal media. In 2019, Plame is still a media darling, as demonstrated by a Monday puff piece in The Washington Post.  "Plame was hard to miss....She looks astoundingly good, at 56, as if the high-altitude desert air has preserved her skin since the day she arrived here 12 years ago."

It was bad enough when the networks attempted to hide the Islamic extremist beliefs of the suspects in the New Mexico compound that the FBI raided a few weeks ago for kidnapping and killing a 3-year-old boy, or when AP tried to spin the story as a gun problem. Now CNN’s trying to beat them all with the worst take, actually spinning the true villain of the story as “Islamophobia.”

A Democrat candidate for Congress ran a television commercial in New Mexico in which he declared at the start: "F--- the NRA!" There was no bleep. Where are the media tsk-tsking at the coarse, uncivil behavior?


The New York Times filed some disturbing facts about what happened outside a Trump rally in New Mexico: “Protesters Throw Rocks at Police Horses Outside Trump Rally in Albuquerque.” But the troubling story of left-wing protestor violence against police and property -- a story that would seem to justify the anxieties of Trump supporters -- didn’t make the print edition. Instead, the reporting from New Mexico that actually made it into print was about Trump slamming the state’s Republican governor Susana Martinez, under an ethnically loaded headline: “Trump Takes a Female, Hispanic Governor to Task.”

On Wednesday, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency committed an act which would have likely become instant national news if a private entity had done the same thing.

On Friday, John Merline at Investors' Business Daily succinctly noted that the EPA "dumped a million gallons of mine waste into Animas River in Colorado, turning it into what looked like Tang, forcing the sheriff's office to close the river to recreational users." Oh, and it "also failed to warn officials in downstream New Mexico about the spill." Yet here we are four days later, and the story has gotten very little visibility outside of center-right blogs and outlets. That's largely explained by how the wire services have handled the story. After the jump, readers will see headlines and descriptions of the stories which have appeared thus far at the web site of the New York Times:

"Voting Under Attack" blares the teaser headline for a new Zachary Roth piece at looking at efforts in five states to pass new voter ID laws. 

On Friday, Daniel Halper of The Weekly Standard reported on a video of a potential Democratic opponent of New Mexico Gov. Susana Martinez, the Latino Republican star the networks aerobically ignore (for example, her 2012 Republican convention speech).

Candidate Alan Webber, the Democrat with the largest campaign treasury, told supporters "So I’m asking you for your help, we need to make Susana Martinez a one-term governor. We need to send her back to wherever she really came from," he said. "I suspect it’s Texas. And that would be good for Texas and that would be good for New Mexico." Surprise, the networks have never heard of this, although everyone knows instantly how this would be greeted if Webber were a Tea Party Republican and Martinez was a Democrat. (video below)

US-epa-logoimageOne would think that in a story about how a four-year move-up of higher fleet gas mileage requirements being imposed by the Environmental Protection Agency would at least look at which manufacturers might be more or less affected by them based on what they currently sell, and how those sales are trending.

Well, most readers here don't think like writers at the Associated Press. Heck, in his report last Friday, the AP's Ken Thomas didn't even mention the fact that the EPA's regs represented a four-year move-up, and to a slightly higher standard -- apparently because doing so would have required him to mention the B-word (Bush) in connection with something seen as environmentally positive. Thomas also allowed "global warming" advocacy support to go unchallenged, as if the ClimateGate scandal that has wrecked the alarmists' entire case didn't exist.

Here are selected paragraphs from the AP report:

Dave Huber explains at Oh, That Liberal Media that the Boston Globe erred in its headline in an AP story with the words "Teacher Under Investigation for Alleged Liberalism":