An illegal immigrant can now practice law in California, and CNN marginalized the controversy on Friday's New Day by giving new lawyer Sergio Garcia a soft interview with little voice from his critics.

After reporting that the state's supreme court ruled in Garcia's favor, co-host John Berman congratulated Garcia and asked him to share "what this decision means to you, personally." CNN prodded him to expound on the importance of his victory.

As Colorado stores began legally selling marijuana to customers on Wednesday, CNN hyped the opening as "history being made" and an "amazing experience to be a part of and to witness."

"[H]istory being made there in Colorado," noted New Day co-host Michaela Pereira on Thursday. Anchor Ashleigh Banfield excitedly reported that "some people have waited a lifetime and others have waited in line for hours in the cold just for a chance to legally buy some weed just to smoke for fun."

On Monday, CNN anchors opened fire on "narrow-minded" Duck Dynasty star Phil Robertson for his "homophobic remarks," and questioned the Biblical condemnation of homosexual behavior.

"I totally disagree with the guy," said outraged fill-in CNN anchor Kyra Phillips. "I think he's so narrow-minded and he really needs to, like, get with the times." Fill-in host Brianna Keilar called Robertson's comments "homophobic" on The Situation Room.

CNN hosts and analysts actively cheered the House budget deal and scoffed at Tea Party conservatives who opposed it, on Wednesday and Thursday.

"I think this is great, what we're hearing here. You've got Boehner saying the fringe types, back off. We're here to do a job. We have to compromise," New Day co-host Chris Cuomo relished the Speaker's rebuke of the Tea Party on Thursday morning.

A liberal radio host raved over CNN's completely one-sided report on striking fast food workers, and CNN anchor Chris Cuomo acknowledged his praise on Twitter on Thursday.

Cuomo constantly rails against partisanship on Capitol Hill, so it's surprising that a news anchor who wishes to appear above the fray would publish some love from an unabashedly left-wing source. And why did the radio host praise Alison Kosik's report on the fast food strikes that aired on Thursday's New Day? It was barren of any conservative talking points.

How hopeful is CNN's Chris Cuomo about ObamaCare? He would still rather defend the law's problems, if he were a Democrat, than pivot to the debt ceiling as a distraction.

"The Democrats going on a three-week campaign tour for Obamacare instead of just dealing with the hard legislative work they need to do down there right now? I'll take that trade," Cuomo asserted on Tuesday's New Day. "[I]f I'm a Democrat down there in Washington, I take the problems with Obamacare over negotiating with you as a Republican about the debt ceiling."

CNN anchor Chris Cuomo must surely know there is no easier way to avoid a conflict of interest than letting one of his "New Day" co-anchors interview his brother, New York Governor and potential 2016 presidential candidate Andrew Cuomo. But acting like a CNN bigfoot after just months at the network, Cuomo insists on interviewing Cuomo (repeatedly). On Monday, he had an e-mail fit with Lloyd Grove of The Daily Beast after he interviewed Gov. Cuomo about the train derailment in New York. That's six days after he interviewed his brother for being named "Sexiest Fifty-something" by People magazine.

“Obviously I did the intv because it was non political, and frankly, I invite the criticism—because it exposes the hollowness of a lot of what is out there,” he began. 

CNN has ignored a CBS report that back in 2010, the Obama administration knew ObamaCare would force an estimated 14 million workers off their employer-provided insurance.

Despite not reporting this big news, CNN stretched to pick out a "silver lining" for the troubled law on Wednesday. "So there's a potential silver lining here," chief national correspondent John King said of poll numbers showing a majority of Americans think the law's problems will "eventually be solved" and it's "too soon to tell" if the law is a failure.

CNN's Chris Cuomo called the legal challenge to ObamaCare's birth control mandate a "growing distraction from dealing with the problems of ObamaCare" on Wednesday's New Day.

"It also raises the question at what point do you stop challenging the law? At what point do you accept that this was passed, it was tested by the Supreme Court?" he asked. "To me, it's a growing distraction from dealing with the problems of Obamacare."

Is CNN this cozy only with Democrats? New York's Governor Andrew Cuomo was on Tuesday's New Day with his brother Chris, the show's co-host, for a playful interview. The network failed to identify the governor as a Democrat.

Co-host Kate Bolduan hailed Gov. Cuomo's "Sexiest Fiftysomething" award by People magazine and the Cuomos enjoyed some light-hearted banter including this line, "New York is a sexy state."

CNN's Chris Cuomo won't even accept that health care problems can be solved without the government. On Thursday's New Day, he arrogantly dismissed that notion put forward by conservative guest Will Cain.

"You have to have the government involved with health care. And you know that," he condescended to Cain, who had first argued that "conservatives believe solutions can exist outside the constructs of government." Cuomo expounded on his pro-government reasoning in the following exchange :

CNN's Chris Cuomo and Kate Bolduan cautioned against MSNBC suspending or firing host Martin Bashir for his latest broadside against Sarah Palin, on Thursday's New Day. Cuomo actually asked if he wasn't just trying to make a "rhetorical point" rather than be "hurtful" to Palin.

Bashir had clearly stated that Palin was "the outstanding candidate" to receive a certain punishment for slaves – defecating in their mouths – for her remarks on slavery. Despite the gravitas of his words CNN gave him some benefit of the doubt while ignoring his history of vile smears of Republicans, the worst of which is documented below.