Thursday's New Day on CNN played up how Bruce "Caitlyn" Jenner received the Arthur Ashe Courage Award from ESPN. Alisyn Camerota underlined that "it's an interesting moment in history. I think that it can't be underscored how important it is for that [transgender] community." Chris Cuomo spotlighted how Jenner used his acceptance speech "to call for tolerance, and to quiet critics." Cuomo also defended the honor: "It is often a platform to project different values into society that are born of sport. So why wouldn't it qualify?"

Wednesday's Fox and Friends spotlighted how two members of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors treated a Fox News Channel journalist with contempt, after he tried asking them about their sanctuary city policy. Host Steve Doocy later zeroed in on how anchor Chris Cuomo at competitor network CNN asserted that the term "sanctuary city" was a "misnomer" on Monday's New Day. Doocy mocked CNN as "the Cuomo news network," and added: "So that's what you get on the real news channel over there."

CNN's Chris Cuomo tried to shame Rick Santorum on Tuesday's New Day over his opposition to same-sex marriage. Cuomo indicated that Santorum wasn't in line with Pope Francis on LGBT issues: "Your Pope says tolerance is the message of Catholicism, when asked about gay marriage and LGBT existence within humanity. He says, 'Who am I to judge?' That doesn't work for you. You say you want an amendment that keeps marriage between a man and a woman. Why aren't you more like your pope?"

On Monday's New Day, CNN's Chris Cuomo minimized the problem of sanctuary cities for illegal immigrants. When Michael Cohen, Donald Trump's special counsel, touted how Trump "opened up the eyes to (sic) many Americans that didn't even know sanctuaries existed," Cuomo claimed that sanctuary cities are a "misnomer." He underlined that "those are cities...are in disputes with ICE about how you deal with people that they're holding....But they're not safe havens the way you're describing."

On Monday's New Day, CNN's Alisyn Camerota and Chris Cuomo hyped David Letterman coming "out of retirement" on Friday to issue a Top Ten list mocking Donald Trump. The two anchors were nearly brought to tears over Letterman's list. Camerota exclaimed, "We do miss David Letterman!" Cuomo seconded Camerota's sentiment and added, "We miss the social critique. It will be interesting to see who picks up the mantle."

As independent Senator Bernie Sanders appeared as a guest on Friday's New Day, CNN's Chris Cuomo called out the Vermont socialist for distorting remarks made by Jeb Bush as the Florida Republican called for more full-time employment for part-time American workers.

Following in the footsteps of its first two voter panels each of which featured a sample strongly slanted to the left, CNN's New Day on Thursday unveiled its third gathering of voters, this time featuring a lone conservative pitted against four liberals in a group from Iowa which also included as its sixth member one Republican who did not express any ideological views.

On Wednesday, the New York Post's Andrea Morabito spotlighted Dr. Sanjay Gupta's appearance on CNN's New Day earlier in the day, where he issued a "clarification," as he put it, about apparently mixing up two earthquake victims he treated during the aftermath of the April 2015 earthquake in Nepal. Morabito noted that Dr. Gupta is "now under fire for some Brian Williams-like exaggerations of his surgical exploits."

On Wednesday's New Day, CNN political analyst Carl Bernstein made excuses for Hillary Clinton's "difficult relationship to the truth," as he implicated "attacks" from the GOP as well as having to defend her husband's womanizing, which have led her to become a "specialist" at "fudging" in a profession where such behavior is "endemic" anyway. At about 7:08 a.m., co-host Alisyn Camerota brought up a part of Clinton's interview with CNN in which she blamed Republicans for polls showing that 57 percent of voters do not trust her. After Camerota asked if Clinton's blaming of the GOP was "fair," Bernstein responded:

On Monday's New Day, CNN again reminded its viewers that the news network's idea of a politically balanced group of voters is to have Democrats who articulate liberal viewpoints paired with Republicans who themselves sound liberal with few conservative views expressed by anyone. After being bumped from the June 26 show in favor of breaking news, the third planned segment featuring a group of six voters from Charleston, South Carolina, finally aired, and again featured political talk heavily slanted to the left in spite of the presence of two self-identified Republicans with two Democrats and two independents. One Republican in particular, Ashley Caldwell, complained that South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham is "super conservative," and fretted that he has not supported a "woman's right to choose."

It was announced on Monday that Hillary Clinton's first national TV interview will go to CNN's Brianna Keilar, a journalist who previously fawned over the Democrat's appearance at Chipotle. Keilar also attended the wedding of a top Clinton aide two weeks ago. On April 14, Keilar hyped, "Yesterday she stopped at a Chipotle, a campaign aide sharing with us that she had a chicken burrito bowl with black beans and guacamole and an iced tea. And you know what that kind of detail tells you — it says, ‘She's just like us. She eats at Chipotle.'"

Monday's New Day on CNN featured a debate between CNN law enforcement analyst Harry Houck and former Clinton administration official Ana Maria Salazar over the shooting death of a woman in San Francisco, Kate Steinle, by an illegal immigrant -- a repeat offender who had been previously released by city police rather than sent away for deportation due to the city's "sanctuary" policy on illegal immigrants. Houck blamed San Francisco's "stupid sanctuary law" and the politicians who supported it as being responsible for Steinle's death. Houck: