As this writer documented in this space earlier on Friday, the interview of the day took place over on CNN during Friday’s New Day with tempers flaring between co-host Alisyn Camerota and 2016 Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson. In addition to Carson hitting back at the liberal Camerota over her previous history at Fox News, there were other examples of sparks flying as Camerota hounded him over his biography, whether the media actually vetted President Barack Obama when he ran for the Oval Office, and what the proper role of journalism should be.

In the middle of an extremely tense and combative interview on the Friday edition of CNN’s New Day, 2016 Republican presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson shot back at co-host Alisyn Camerota for her questioning based off of a video from the far-left site Mother Jones and remarked to her that he couldn’t believe “you used to work on Fox and you’ve turned into this” liberal anchor.

On Wednesday's New Day, Jamie Gangel broke CNN's routine of hounding Republican/conservative guests with a mostly non-confrontational interview of Jeb Bush. Gangel only mildly pressed the GOP presidential candidate on the issue of his recent move to target competitor Marco Rubio: "You went after him [Rubio] for missing votes. But he hit back, and some people think he got the better of the moment. Was it a mistake to attack him on that?" She later labeled Bush "a decent man...a hard-working man...[and] a fixer as governor with a great reputation."

On Tuesday's New Day on CNN, after a report about an Illinois school district under pressure to allow a transgender student to use a girls' locker room, co-host Michaela Pereira complained that it was "frustrating" that the transgender student in question had supposedly not been consulted enough in the matter.

After co-host Chris Cuomo recalled the argument by parents concerned about having a "boy in the girls' locker room," she condescendingly asserted that "we need education" for such opponents. She also obliviously wondered, "Why is safety an issue?" as Cuomo alluded to the "risk of other kids' privacy and safety."

After pressing Republican House Speaker Paul Ryan on the issue of whether the federal government should require employers to provide paid family leave in a pre-recorded interview aired on Sunday's State of the Union, CNN correspondent Dana Bash made two appearances on Monday in which she used this portion of the interview to again bring up the issue.

Appearing on both CNN New Day and again on CNN Newsroom with Carol Costello, Bash described the U.S. as "way far behind" other countries. She also recounted that "most civilized nations" mandate such a guarantee to their workers.

CNN's Alisyn Camerota spotlighted Senator Lindsey Graham on Monday's New Day over his supposedly good performance at the earlier CNBC debate for the lower-tier Republican presidential candidates: "You being on that early debate has allowed you to bust out some great zingers and jokes. I mean, a lot of people thought that you stole the gave you more air time that you wouldn't actually get on the main stage...It also distinguished you in terms of substance."

CNN refreshingly spotlighted a teen model with Down syndrome on Wednesday's New Day. Dr. Sanjay Gupta reported that 18-year-old Madeline Stuart's "modeling career is taking off. She walked the runway during Europe Fashion Week this fall, and won a contract to be the face of lipstick company Glossigirl — all of which her mom says is giving hope to others with disabilities." Down syndrome people definitely could use all the hope they can get, as the sheer majority of babies with the genetic condition are aborted before they can draw their first birth.

On Thursday's New Day on CNN, after host Chris Cuomo charged that GOP presidential candidates had gone "a little bit too far into pandering" in attacking the media during the CNBC presidential debate, Florida Senator and GOP presidential candidate Marco Rubio shot back by recalling the dominant liberal media heaping praise on Hillary Clinton after her Benghazi testimony, in spite of evidence she changed her story on whether the attack was an organized terrorist attack or the result of a spontaneous protest.

On Thursday's New Day, CNN's Alisyn Camerota denied that true media bias against Donald Trump exists. Chris Cuomo asserted that Trump "has no beef with the media....he's got nothing but free air time by us." Camerota countered that the Republican presidential candidate "did call us 'scum'...He has a beef, but it's not a legitimate beef."

Wednesday's New Day on CNN spotlighted the late night shows' latest shots at the Republican presidential candidates. Michaela Pereira spotlighted how "Hillary Clinton got her own dig in. Stephen Colbert asked her about going up against Donald Trump or Ben Carson." The morning newscast also featured one-liners from NBC's Seth Meyers and TBS's Conan O'Brien, who targeted three of the GOP contenders. Chris Cuomo later hyped Mrs. Clinton "giving her best with Stephen Colbert."

On Tuesday's New Day on CNN, during a discussion of how the latest poll numbers might affect the upcoming Republican presidential debate, co-anchor Chris Cuomo predicted that the debate would include discussion of the revelation that Hillary Clinton initially told people close to her that Benghazi was a terrorist attack before switching to the discredited story of a video merely inciting a violent protest.

Cuomo first brought up the issue of Clinton changing stories as he turned to right-leaning commentator Kevin Madden and posed:

On Tuesday's New Day, CNN's Chris Cuomo bizarrely zeroed in on presidential contender Ben Carson's religious beliefs as a possible factor that could hurt his chances among the Republican base: "Is it fair criticism to look at Dr. Carson's faith being Seventh Day Adventist, in terms of how it may oppose evangelicals? There is a belief within the strictest tenets of Seventh Day Adventist belief that evangelicals will be going to hell. There are other extreme propositions in that faith, and in many."