A recent episode of Netflix’s Chelsea, “I Was a Ticking Time Bomb,” turned into a mini abortion rally and Planned Parenthood commercial. Extreme left-wing feminist Gloria Steinem was on the show to promote her book My Life on the Road, which she dedicated to her illegal abortionist.

The episode titled “Would You Buy Your Dad a Hooker?” of Netflix’s Chelsea turned into a team effort between billionaire owner of the Dallas Mavericks Mark Cuban and CNN’s Chief Political Correspondent Dana Bash promoting the candidacy of Hillary Clinton for President and dissing Donald Trump.

There are a couple ways to create a new hit show: great dialogue (House), groundbreaking concept (Lost), or you can just show lots of boobs. Apparently Netflix, or Nipflix as they could be called, opted for the latter option with their latest original series, Easy.

The current episode of Chelsea is titled “It Felt Like Racist WrestleMania” and that is exactly how her guest Hasan Minhaj described attending the Republican National Convention. He went in "white face" make-up as his alter-ego “Chad Smith” just for grins – and because all Republicans are scary racists in his fragile little liberal world. Can you imagine a Republican pulling such a stunt and the outrage that would follow?

A group of D-List celebrities gathered on Netflix’s Chelsea to discuss their time on NBC’s The Celebrity Apprentice with Donald Trump and "commiserate" about "Trump f*cking up the country." 

The third season of Netflix’s BoJack Horseman – a cartoon about a beloved sitcom horse from the 1990’s and his life twenty years later – is out and the usual liberal issues are quickly worked into the dark animated series’ episodes.

Wednesday's episode of Netflix’s Chelsea, titled “LGBTQ Life with Jane Lynch & E.J. Johnson,” was an ode to all things “queer” – lesbian, gay and transgender, in particular. After lesbian actress Jane Lynch (Glee, Hollywood Game Night) and E.J. Johnson, a cross-dressing gay man who is the son of basketball legend Magic Johnson, recounted their own personal stories, Chelsea introduced a “gender reassignment surgeon.”

HBO’s Real Time host Bill Maher was a guest on Netflix’s talk show Chelsea and, together with Chelsea Handler, he hit all of the following liberal talking points: Portraying police as power-hungry, racist cowards? Check. Promoting riots? Check. Calling Republican opposition to socialist liberals racist? Check. Demonizing hunting? Check. Toss in a few fat jokes and that’s the pretty much the whole show.

Don’t know how to teach your kids about Trump’s racism, the evils of the 1%, or the importance of gun control? Don’t worry, Netflix has got you covered. The Netflix original children’s series, All Hail King Julien, is based on the popular Madagascar movie franchise and will soon debut its third season. The series will include an episode dedicated to mocking Trump.

In the most recent episode of Chelsea on Netflix, “Ellen Page & Inspiring Role Models,” Chelsea Handler’s third grade teacher, Mrs. Schectman, and actress Florence Henderson were on the show because Chelsea fondly remembers their positive influence on her childhood. But the warm and uplifting message of two women who have made an impact on her life turned into a phony leftist anti-gun rant when actress and LGBT activist Ellen Page joined in. In the world of Chelsea Handler, guns are the problem – not the terrorists using them to kill Americans.

Appearing on Tuesday’s NBC Today to promote her new documentary series on Netflix, left-wing comedian and talk show host Chelsea Handler highlighted the topic of one episode: “...you think you know about racism and then you delve into it and you kind of realize how little you do know and then how embarrassed you are about how little you know. And how embarrassing people in this country are when you talk to them.”

While interviewing former Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney on Wednesday's NBC Tonight Show, host Jimmy Fallon argued that if the Netflix documentary Mitt about the GOP candidate had been released before the 2012 election, voters may have made a different choice: "Because gosh, it was fantastic. And I was telling you, if you could have had that out, you know, while you were running, I think it would have been a different outcome almost....who knows?"