During an appearance on MSNBC’s MTP Daily on Wednesday to discuss the Parkland, Florida school shooting, former ATF special agent Jim Cavanaugh expressed what could arguably be called a disdain for the Second Amendment when he chided it as a “suicide pact” and dismissed the concerns of gun rights advocates.

As the missing FBI text message controversy continued to grow and the Inspector General’s investigation marched on, the liberal media had adopted the strategy to completely smear any criticism directed at the bureau. And during MSNBC’s MTP Daily on Wednesday, former RNC Chairman Michael Steele obnoxiously chimed in and declared that Republicans were “going to rue the day” they decided to question the FBI.

Don "Dr. No! No!" Lemon of CNN shouts down contrary opinions he doesn't want to let his audience hear. Chuck Todd has a bit more subtle yet equally annoying method of accomplishing the stifling of inconvenient facts. He overtalks the interviewee. The more uncomfortable the fact is to liberal orthodoxy, the more desperately Todd performs his overtalk shtick.

An example of Todd overtalking in order to suppress facts he doesn't want his audience hear happened on Tuesday's Meet The Press Daily on MSNBC when he was interviewing Republican Congressman Mark Meadows. Because Meadows was presenting solid evidence of bias against President Donald Trump among the leadership of the FBI, Todd attempted to stamp out the discussion via overtalking Meadows as you can see in the video below. The more specific Meadows got with his evidence of bias at the top of the FBI, the more Todd tried to stop that flow of information via the overtalk interruptions.

On Thursday's MTP Daily on MSNBC, during the show's regular "The Lid" segment, substitute host Katy Tur and her three guests fretted over the failure of gun control advocates to pass any new gun laws in the aftermath of high-profile mass shootings in 2017. Even the lone Republican-leaning panel member -- MSNBC contributor Susan Del Percio -- was coming down on the left-leaning side of the issue as she also seemed unhappy with Congress moving ahead with expanding concealed carry rights nationwide.

On Wednesday, the Alabama GOP and an attorney for senatorial candidate Roy Moore held a press conference to stand by their candidate and tried to discredit the sexual misconduct allegations Moore was facing. The only accusation of sexual impropriety they chose to focus on was that of Beverly Young Nelson and her infamous lawyer, Gloria Allred. The fact that the Allred’s reputation was that of a dubious attention seeker spooked the panel on MSNBC’s MTP Daily because it could taint other credible accusations, and not just those against Moore.

Since Sunday's deadly mass shooting in Texas, the liberal media have been desperate to get the ball rolling on ineffective gun control measures. They’ve become so frantic that they have taken to lying about the current federal gun laws on the books and what actually happened during the shooting. On Tuesday, ABC wanted “extreme vetting” for prospective gun buyers and New York Times reporter Yamiche Alcindor asserted that the shooter was not stopped by an armed citizen.

It’s not often that an MSNBC host gets critical with a Democratic lawmaker, but they do when the lawmaker supports the Second Amendment and their district just had a mass shooting. That exact scenario played out during MTP Daily on Monday when host Katy Tur, back after a long vacation, got irritated with Texas Democratic Congressman Henry Cuellar. In their argument, Tur claimed background checks were “not consistent around the entire country” and seemed to insinuate he had taken NRA blood money.

Things got very heated Wednesday evening in a taped interview between former Trump campaign chairman Cory Lewandowski and MTP Daily Moderator Chuck Todd when the MSNBC host refused to hear the facts behind the Clinton-DNC connection to the Russians. “If you're going to speak in facts, at least speak in facts,” Todd shouted, but he just didn’t want to hear them.

On Monday's MTP Daily, frequent MSNBC guest Zerlina Maxwell made the latest claim of "voter suppression" perpetrated by Republicans as she ludicrously declared that voter ID laws were "making it sort of impossible" for blacks to vote in Wisconsin and Michigan. Her claim was not disputed by substitute host Steve Kornacki or either of the other two panel members.


Former conservative radio host Charlie Sykes appeared on MSNBC’s MTP Daily on Thursday to promote his new book How the Right Lost Its Mind. And in an embarrassing show of self-flagellation, Sykes whipped himself for his past life of being a conservative radio host before making his way into the arms of the liberal MSNBC as a news analysis. All of his self-loathing was for the amusement of host Chuck Todd, who prodded his guess along, and to get into the liberal network’s good graces.

The media’s inevitable exploitation of the Las Vegas shooting to rip up the Second Amendment was sickeningly swift. Not even 24 hours passed before journalists had began badgering politicians for more gun control and even worse, disgustingly blaming gun owners for the bloody attack. One CBS employee actually said she wasn’t “even sympathetic” because “country music fans often are Republican voters.” On NBC, former Nightly News anchor Tom Brokaw used the Today show to energize the anti-gun voters: “I think that we have to step up, all of us, and speak up” against the NRA. The following is just a sample of the most exploitative efforts, so far, by the liberal press and Hollywood to use the Las Vegas tragedy to advance their attack on Second Amendment rights: 

With the Las Vegas mass shooting just a couple days old, MSNBC’s Chuck Todd was eager to push the gun grabbing debate. So to satisfy his urge, he dedicated nearly all of Tuesday’s MTP Daily to talking about different proposals for gun control and hammering the National Rifle Association (NRA) for standing up for the Second Amendment. But Todd did bring on the National Review’s David French who attempted to calm the host’s hysteria.