Showtime’s Homeland has already shown how they're relating the show to the Trump administration this season. Now they've show their true colors by finally reaching the end goal: invoking the 25th Amendment. Yes, I’m sure that forcibly removing the first female president will definitely show President Trump a thing or two.

Lifetime’s Mary Kills People has been a nonstop parade of worshipping death over life. Now that we’ve reached the second season finale, it seems they’ve saved the worst for last. Death might be a party according to these people, but there is nothing joyful that comes from this latest killing.

Syfy’s new series Krypton tells the story of Superman’s grandfather Seg-El (Cameron Cuffe) on his home planet of Krypton. It takes place approximately 200 years before that planet's destruction and follows their alien culture. That being said, the show apparently still has the time to shoe-horn a police brutality scene for us present-day Earthlings, as if any of us were begging for it.

Rarely is there a show that seems to revel in its backwards, borderline evil logic. The latest episode of the Lifetime series Mary Kills People only dives deeper into its awful nature by highlighting death as - get this - a party.

Holy Week is upon us and Easter, the holiest day of the Christian year, is Sunday. NewsBusters readers won’t be surprised to hear that popular culture isn’t kind to Christians, but you may not have seen some of the worst examples to have polluted our television screens in the last year.

I love a British mystery as much as, if not more than, the next guy, but I could barely make it through Collateral on Netflix. It was like they had a social justice checklist and created a storyline around it, then added in some extra characters to check the boxes they'd missed.

Hulu’s The Path has approached topics involving systemic racism, religion, and even life during the Trump administration. For a show that’s supposed to follow the politics of a cult, there seems to be a lot more of actual politics bouncing around in some episodes. Case in point, the latest episode featuring an outright promotion for reproductive rights.

For the past few weeks, Showtime’s Homeland hyped the potential danger of armed right-wingers. Now that danger has finally spilled over, and innocent lives are lost. In an interesting twist, however, Homeland just introduced a new enemy behind the lunatic fringe. Less interesting is that it involves Russia, election intereference, and the words “fake news.”

FX’s Atlanta does not seem to have a high opinion of white people. This week’s story certainly didn't help matters with another obnoxious depiction of black people barely tolerating idiot white people. Can’t we all just get along?

The world of NBC’s Law & Order: Special Victims Unit is unraveling fast. First, it feels justified in showing a conservative pundit brutally raped. Then, it argues the merits of euthanizing a baby. Now, it’s advocating the “convict first, ask questions later” system of trying college rape cases. Whatever path the show is going down, I don’t want to be a part of it.

I have to give some credit to Showtime’s Our Cartoon President. It’s the one show that would probably be more obnoxious to watch than the Oscars. That being said, we still have to deal with yet another insufferable take on our current administration from the people who still think “bigly” is funny. This latest escapade involves worshipping at the altar of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau…and the Oscars.

FX’s profanity-laced hit series Atlanta returns for its second season, and what a nonsensical premiere it was. On top of Katt Williams owning a pet alligator, the new episode introduces us to a new alt-right boogeyman: the Florida Man.