In these stressful times, we can take comfort in the fact that some things never change. One of those things sadly includes the fact that liberals will always spend their time force-feeding us leftist propaganda. HBO’s limited series The Plot Against America does just that by recreating their infamous 2016 defeat through a despicable anti-Semite “taking back” America in 1940.

Amazing Stories is the latest classic series on the roster that’s gotten the modern reboot. Of course, that usually also means “modern” politics that ruin the point of the show in the first place. At this point, it would be more “amazing” to see a non-political reboot. Sadly, Apple TV+’s version of the 1985 anthology series falls victim to the same propaganda trap by delivering a gay love story.

HBO’s latest mini-series The Plot Against America has all the makings of an obvious liberal think piece. It follows an alternate history of America, has pointed commentary about politics, and debuted while Trump is still president. But how bad can it really get? Considering this also comes from the creator of The Deuce, all we can hope for is no boobs.

Unfortunately for us, High School Musical: The Musical: The Series isn’t the only Disney+ series that’s given in to the gay community. The latest episode of Diary of a Future President dives headfirst into LGBT propaganda by turning one of its main characters gay. I’m almost longing for old-fashioned climate change fear-mongering at this point.

School shootings were one theme of the latest episode of NBC’s New Amsterdam, but with a bit of a twist. Instead of a plotline about a school shooting, it revolved around students traumatized by an active shooter drill at their school. One of the students, Danica, gets referred to New Amsterdam shrink Dr. Iggy Frome. She is so traumatized she never wants to return to the school.

Hulu's new docuseries Hillary was released on March 6; a four-episode, four-hour slog that went back and forth between the 2016 campaign and Hillary Clinton's life from childhood. Although rewatching her 2016 concession speech and crying supporters was a highlight, this being a show about the Clintons, the series was filled with lowlights.

We’ve finally reached the end. Starting next week, HBO’s The New Pope will no longer crowd our screens with endless religious smears. Sadly, there’s still the finale to contend with, and the series wasn’t going down without one last blow to Christianity. The show depicting the behavior of the Vatican boldly declares the threat of Catholic fundamentalism.

Over the past year since it's been released, the pro-life film Unplanned has faced bias, censorship, and bans, but who would have predicted it would be edited out of the Hallmark Channel's broadcast of the "Christian Oscars?"

Freeform’s Party of Five reboot has been a mess from the start. Nearly every episode has had some promotion for illegal immigration to the point of advocating tax fraud for transgender illegals. Hopefully this season finale gives us the last time we’ll have to deal with the progressive nonsense of the Acosta family.

The one thing worse than the awful things the people of HBO’s The New Pope do is the awful things these people try to shove down our throats. Sure, insulting the Church and the people in it is annoying and hateful, but attempting to “fix” them is practically grotesque. Coming from this show’s knowledge of priests and nuns, it’s clear the series is qualified to talk about neither.

The Freeform show Everything's Gonna Be Okay is about a twenty-something gay man named Nicholas who becomes legal guardian to his two teenaged half-sisters after their father dies. One of the sisters, 17-year-old Matilda, happens to be on the autism spectrum. Like the Netflix show Atypical, Everything's Gonna Be Okay recognizes the fact that, with understanding and awareness from others, an autistic individual is capable of social and academic success.

Here’s the shocking revelation of the latest episode of The New Pope: the Pope is not a good person. Even though the previous season of The Young Pope made that pretty clear, the HBO series still had to hammer home that unpleasant fact. Now we’re contending with an “antichrist” young Pope along with an “irresponsible,” “conceited,” drug addicted new Pope. The only winners here are those who don't watch the show.