La violencia política en Charlottesville y su repudio por el presidente Donald J. Trump han sido cubiertas de la manera más divergente posible por dos cadenas de televisión en español, una con sede en Los Ángeles y la otra en Miami.

The political violence in Charlottesville and President Trump's repudiation of it have been covered in the most widely divergent ways by two national Spanish-language television networks, one based in Los Angeles and the other in Miami.

Univision’s continuously one-sided coverage of convicted domestic terrorist Oscar López Rivera, its corporate sponsorship of the National Puerto Rican Day Parade in New York City, its omissions of some of López Rivera’s most incendiary post-release statements and its use of contract talent in furtherance of pushing López Rivera’s side of the story can only lead reasonable observers to one conclusion: that our Nation’s largest Spanish-language media conglomerate is also a fully supportive member of Team Oscar - and thus, a willful co-sponsor of terrorism.

En un segmento de los medios de comunicación cuyo presentador principal, Jorge Ramos de Univisión, se niega rotundamente a ser neutral en su cobertura del presidente Donald Trump, uno podría tener la impresión de que no hay ninguna cadena nacional en español que presente al presidente y sus políticas de manera justa frente a las audiencias, o donde tanto los rivales políticos  demócratas y republicanos  sean rutinariamente cuestionados ​​con el mismo rigor periodístico.

El sesgo mediático no se refleja tan sólo en lo que se reporta, sino en lo que no se reporta. Recientemente, vimos un ejemplo de tales sesgos.

Bias in the media is not just reflected in what is reported, but also through that which goes unreported. Yesterday, we found our most recent example of such biases. On Wednesday, FBI Director James Comey came before the House Judiciary Committee and was questioned regarding the manner in which the agency handled its investigation of Hillary Clinton's private server scandal. But the story was blacked out of the nation's domestic Spanish-language newscasts.

One would think that a story in which a Hispanic South Florida congressional candidate is caught on tape saying crude, sexual things about his own party's presidential candidate - the first female major-party nominee in our nation's history - would garner top billing on our major domestic Spanish-language newscasts...which are, after all, based in Miami. And yet here we are again, talking about the biases of omission at Univision and Telemundo.

Usted no lo sabría si solo ve los noticieros nacionales de televisión en español de Estados Unidos, pero el Centro de Investigaciones Pew acaba de publicar un estudio que muestra que entre los votantes hispanos del país el virtual candidato presidencial republicano Donald Trump tiene ahora los mismos niveles que tuvieron Romney y McCain en ese grupo electoral cuando fueron los candidatos del partido.

You wouldn't know it from watching any of the U.S. national Spanish-language evening newscasts, but the Pew Research Center has released a survey that shows that among the country's Hispanic voters, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump is currently polling at roughly the same levels Mitt Romney and John McCain did as the party's previous standard-bearers.

Sometimes a report will come across the wire which forces to pause for a second to make sure that it actually happened. The latest example comes via Friday's Mega NoticieroIn short, a federal judge blocked Mississippi's Protecting Freedom of Conscience From Government Discrimination Act (HB 1523) before it went into effect.