In addition to CNN’s disgraceful town hall event following the Parkland shooting being celebrated by the Norman Lear Center’s annual Cronkite Awards, NBC News received not one, but two honors for its biased reporting on illegal immigration and climate change in the past year.

The panel on Sunday’s edition of Meet the Press seemed to agree with an article in The Atlantic when it came to the Mueller probe, agreeing with its premise that the Mueller probe may “end with unfinished business.” The panel, along with host Chuck Todd, seemed to feel that enough evidence has been gathered without the release of the Mueller report to warrant President Trump’s impeachment.

At the top of Sunday’s Meet the Press, host Chuck Todd thought it would be fun to compare the upcoming report from Special Counsel Robert Mueller to a deadly hurricane poised to hit the east coast. He noted how “Democrats are hoping it’s a category five whopper” while Republicans were wishing for “the dud of a storm that turns and goes out to sea.”

In an example of what’s likely to play out during the 2020 Democratic primary battle, liberal panelists on NBC’s Meet the Press clashed over the feasibility of the left’s radical Green New Deal on Sunday. NBC chief foreign affairs correspondent Andrea Mitchell rhetorically duked it out with Heather McGhee from the left-wing Demos nonprofit. The former wanted passible legislation while the latter wanted the GND passed in a panic.

NBC’s Meet the Press and moderator Chuck Todd have taken a radical stance on climate change and they’re proud of it. Late last year Todd boasted about banning “climate deniers” from his show. On Sunday, he and his fellow liberal journalists tried to boost the dangerously radical Green New Deal while avoiding the craziness it proposes.

At the start of last week, the liberal media had a nervous breakdown after former Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz announced he was thinking about running for president as an independent. The liberal media was worried that he was doing to damage the changes for Democrats so they did what they could to beat up on him. They ripped into him so much, that during Sunday’s Meet the Press, on NBC, moderator Chuck Todd was seemingly impressed he withstood it all.

On January 24, Chuck Todd went on The Daily Show with Trevor Noah and was asked about his announcement on a recent episode of Meet the Press, (which was devoted entirely to climate change), to bar guests who dispute climate alarmism. I think we at the Competitive Enterprise Institute may have spurred the question. Earlier that week, CEI launched a campaign challenging the decision with full-page ads in The Wall Street Journal and Washington Post (see the ads at

ABC was the only network Monday morning to report on Tom Brokaw’s comments that offended both the right and left on Meet the Press Sunday. During a discussion on the border wall, Brokaw argued Hispanics needed to do a better job assimilating, and said Republicans didn’t want interracial marriages. That second part didn’t faze ABC, but the first part made anchor Cecilia Vega very upset.

In another iteration of the liberal media’s suggestion that support for the border wall was driven primarily by racism, longtime NBC newsman Tom Brokaw appeared on Sunday’s Meet the Press and claimed Republicans have told him they’re not enthusiastic about the idea of having “brown grandbabies”.

It seems NBC is splitting its time between running a smear campaign against the Covington kids and aggressively pushing its climate change agenda. Thursday, Al Roker profusely “thanked” Americans on the Today show for their increasing concern for the environment, and later that evening, fellow NBC host Chuck Todd boasted about censoring opposing viewpoints on his climate change special back in December, while visiting the Daily Show.

Over the weekend, NBC News political director and Meet the Press moderator Chuck Todd lashed out at those who would “tar all media” for their enthusiastic sprint to push impeachment following BuzzFeed’s false report. In a Monday appearance on Fox News Channel’s Tucker Carlson Tonight, The Hill's Joe Concha blasted Todd for failing in his duty as political director and allowing MSNBC to mention impeachment 97 times.

On Tuesday, the Competitive Enterprise Institute (CEI) launched a campaign taking issue with NBC's Meet the Press for proclaiming they would not host a debate on climate change or "give time to climate deniers." CEI bought a full-page ad in this morning's Wall Street Journal and Washington Post, and made a 30-second video spot, which NBC refused to air.