The New Republic has a "by the editors" editorial in the March 20 issue calling on the government to provide "universal health care." No surprise there.

ABC's Diane Sawyer is the cover girl of the April Ladies' Home Journal, and her interview with LHJ Editor Diane Salvatore has just a few tidbits for news junkies. When asked if she'll see a woman president in her lifetime, Sawyer answered, "Oh, absolutely. No question. I think something shifted. [What, the ABC drama Commander in Chief?] We don't see strength as exclusively masculine anymore. We don't see will as testosterone-laced.

The mention of Sam Alito voting "Catholic ticket" on the Supreme Court reminds me that Greg Pierce summarized a new magazine article in his "Inside Politics" column in the Washington Times this week.

Jacob Weisberg, editor of the liberal, Washington Post-owned online magazine Slate, has asserted the credibility of a printed rumor that President Bush likes the idea of lethal retaliation against reporters opposed to the U.S.'s Iraq policy.

Weisberg wrote (emphasis added):

The November issue of Ladies’ Home Journal (circulation: 4.1 million) arrived in the wife's mail, and it has a cover story/interview with Bill Clinton by Editor-in-Chief Diane Salvatore. Most of the questions up front are about eating and nutrition and obesity prevention, and Hillary's ability to scarf a dozen chocolate donuts as a stress reducer when they were dating.