The Los Angeles Times reads like a Democratic rag with this headline: “Trump claims he's boosting U.S. influence, but many foreign leaders see America in retreat.” Naturally, that means “many foreign Obama fans and socialists don’t like where Trump is leading.” It took three Times reporters to assemble this “news” report, that China leads the climate-change crusade and Russia has taken over Syrian peace talks, and NATO countries look to France and Germany. 

China has now assumed the mantle of fighting climate change, a global crusade that the United States once led. Russia has taken over Syrian peace talks

Los Angeles Times theatre critic Charles McNulty brought all the drama to assessing how the theater, "the most public-minded of the arts," would deal with the crisis of Donald Trump's election. The headline was "How theater should respond to a democracy in meltdown." We are in a "crisis" at the end of 2017, which means we have liberals who still equate democracy with Democratic victories.

You better not fire Robert Mueller! Firing Mueller would cause a constitutional crises making it easier for impeachment to take place! ...So why haven't you fired Mueller yet? Watching the "outrage" over the possibility of a Robert Mueller firing in the mainstream media in general and on CNN in particular the past few days, one could be forgiven if the suspicion is aroused that the outrage is really frustration that such a convenient firing has not happened and probably will not happen.

Former Massachusetts State Senator Brian Joyce was arrested a week ago and charged with accepting over $1 million in bribes. The story is getting very little coverage outside of New England, even though Joyce was quite creative in the forms of bribery he accepted, and even though Joyce's arrest continues long trend of corruption among Bay State Democratic Party legislative leaders and politicians.

In November 2015, Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar at The View rudely shut down then-presidential candidate Carly Fiorina, insisting that she was lying when she stated that Planned Parenthood had admitted to harvesting baby parts from aborted fetuses. On Friday, Orange County's district attorney announced a $7.8 million settlement with two California companies accused of "selling fetal-derived cells and tissues" obtained from fetal body parts acquired from Planned Parenthood and other abortion providers. When will ABC demand that Whoopi and Joy apologize?

On Tuesday’s MSNBC Live with Katy Tur, former George W. Bush White House Ethics Lawyer Richard Painter was brought on as a guest to discuss growing concerns among journalists and some within the Trump administration that there are serious problems with Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into Russian “collusion.”

April Ryan, an inexplicably esteemed member of the White House press corps, having tried and failed to promote a "fake news" controversy over White House's Press Secretary Sarah Sanders' Thanksgiving pecan pie, has not apologized or acknowledged her error, has rejected Sanders' face-saving attempt to smooth things over, and is apparently worried that Sanders will publicly poison her and her fellow journalists. You can't make this stuff up.

Brace yourself for two big surprises: 1) A majority of Californians oppose national anthem kneeling protests and 2) a prominent columnist for the Los Angeles Times rejects GQ magazine's selection of Colin Kaepernick as its "citizen of the year." LA Times columnist George Skelton says good citizens vote in elections and since Kaepernick admitted he doesn't vote, he's hardly qualified for citizenship awards.

A "fierce backlash" has caused the Walt Disney Company to reverse its decision to bar the Los Angeles Times from press screenings of its movies following an investigation by the newspaper into the media giant’s business dealings in Anaheim, California. Disney’s change of course on Tuesday came after a number of news outlets, including the Washington Post, the New York Times and the A.V. Club -- an entertainment website featuring reviews and interviews that examine films, music, television, books, games and other elements of pop culture -- said they were all boycotting advance screenings of Disney films “in solidarity” with the Los Angeles newspaper.

Remember when the left proudly hailed former President Barack Obama as a "Lightworker?" Time magazine was so in awe of Obama that they even compared him to Jesus, complete with halo pictures. Children of liberals were inducted into performing songs of praise for Obama that sounded as if they were singing about a Great Leader in Pyongyang. And yet Reza Aslan, former host of CNN's Believer, is now squawking about The dangerous cult of Donald Trump:

The Associated Press has suddenly discovered that homelessness is a serious problem in the nation's three West Coast states of California, Oregon, and Washington, and that the problem merits national attention. How convenient — and how tardy.

Another one bites the dust in corrupt old Hollywood. This time, director James Toback is getting his comeuppance.